MQM protestors seek US intervention in Mohajirs genocide


The protest was organised to seek interference from the US administration to end the human rights violations in Pakistan against Mohajirs….reports Asian Lite News

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) US Chapter staged a protest at the US State Department and White House in Washington DC against atrocities on Mohajirs by the state of Pakistan.

According to a press release, the Pakistani authorities have been inflicting injustices and state oppression on Mohajirs. Their property is continuously being demolished at the behest of the Pakistan military.

The protest was staged on June 19 to inform the US authorities about the continued injustices, atrocities, and human rights violations in Pakistan against Mohajirs. “The Pakistani military is continuing to eliminate Mohajirs through extrajudicial executions in big numbers. Their homes and businesses are destroyed and Mohajirs are rendered homeless,” the release said.

The law enforcers in Karachi supervised and controlled by the Pakistan military extra-judicially killed one mote MQM activist, Shahid Aziz in custody two days ago.

The protest was meant to seek interference from the State Department and Biden administration to stop the genocide of Mohajirs.

The Army and other security forces in Pakistan are continuing with a brutal crackdown on MQM since June 19, 1992. Serious human rights violations in Sindh and injustices against Mohajirs are escalating every day.

MQM stages protest in Washington DC against Pakistan atrocities on Mohajirs(ANI)

MQM activists and their families first gathered at Dupont Circle and settled at Lageytte Park for staging a protest. The protest rally was led by MQM US Central Organizer Matloob Zaidi and members of the Central Organizing Committee.It consisted of MQM activists, and a large number of men, women, and children participated.

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Demonstrators had held MQM flags and banners, portraits of MQM Supremo Altaf Hussain. They held placards against human rights violations and demanded to immediately stop state injustices and crimes against Mohajirs. They demanded the United States administration’s intervention. They condemned the Pakistani government and military on rights violations, capturing resources unlawfully.

Zaidi, Ibadat and other MQM officials also presented a memorandum to the authorities concerned at the State Department in which they appealed to the Biden Administration and the State Department to take immediate notice of serious human rights violations in Pakistan against Mohajirs and use influence to stop these injustices and genocide of Mohajirs.They demanded the right of self-determination under the charter of the United Nations Human rights. MQM appealed in their petition to the US authorities to send the United Nations team on the ground to speak with Mohajir and oppressed Sindhis to get the true sense of ground reality.

MQM stages protest in Washington DC against Pakistan atrocities on Mohajirs(ANI)

Zaidi, Ibadat and other MQM officials later talked to the media. They said that unannounced martial law is in force in Pakistan. Three provinces of Pakistan, Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal belt have been converted into colonies of Punjab.

Mohajir settlements in Karachi are continuously destroyed as part of genocide of Mohajirs both physically and economically. Pakistan military is continuing with a crackdown against Mohajirs for decades. The law enforcers murdered an MQM activist Shahid Aziz who was in custody since 2017.

Punjabi establishment is applying all tricks, forces, and powers for capturing resources of Sindh. MQM appealed to the Biden Administration to exercise influence to end this ongoing genocide of Mohajirs.

The protest was part of a 3-day annual convention of MQM USA. The protest rally and demonstration was broadcast live on the online web channel “Meri Awaaz Suno”. (ANI)

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