Pakistani Jihadis Join Taliban Troops in Afghanistan


While Islamabad has been denying that Jihadis from Pakistan Pakistan are going to Afghanistan, the country has been receiving bodies of its citizens across the border on the Chaman-Spin Boldak and Torkhum border crossings … reports Asian Lite News

Social media is abuzz with reports of 50 Pakistanis who went to fight as part of Taliban and have been killed. The Times of India reported that several Pakistanis return dead or injured from Afghanistan.

In Balochistan, funerals and prayers are frequently held in the Pashtun-speaking areas along the border with Afghanistan, the TOI added.  The report also says Pakistani clerics are urging students at Madrasas to join the Taliban ranks and raising funds.

The Taliban is responsible for 2,978 civilian casualties (917 killed, and 2,061 injured) in the first six months of 2021. The war tactics by the Taliban include the use of IEDs, rocket fires, target killing, and ground battles

“Lists of people who went to fight Afghan army and were killed in the last few months. All are Pakistani nationals and there is no Afghan refugee. Yes Mr. @ImranKhanPTI, Pakistan is not a sanctuary, Pakistan is waging this war by itself against Afghanistan. #SayNoToTerrorism,” said Sohail Noor Khan in a tweet.

Khan has pointed out that Pakistani nationals are fighting the Afghan army and Pakistan is waging a war against Afghanistan.

Khan added in another tweet a madrassa head in Peshawar is given 10 commandos for his security and this man is goading youngsters to carry out terrorism in Afghanistan.

  “The man dressed in white is not a scientist or a politician but the superintendent of a madrassa in Peshawar’s Taj Bazaar, named Rahimullah Haqqani, which encourages the Taliban to carry out terrorism in Afghanistan. Pakistan has given him 10 commandos his his security.”

 In another tweet, he said that Taliban are amassing its new fighters near Durand line.

 “They’re waiting for the authorisation from Pakistani military to open secret doors in the fences. These new fighters will reinforced the Taliban in front line,” Khan said.

Ghani Slams Taliban

Amid the unrelenting violence in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani said that in the past two decades, the Taliban has become “more cruel and more oppressive.”

During a virtual cabinet meeting, Ghani said, “Yes, they (Taliban) have changed but negatively. They have no wish for peace, for prosperity, or progress; we want peace but they want to surrender (subdued people and government).”

This comes as violence has been on the rise in Afghanistan in recent weeks as the Taliban stepped up its offensive after US and NATO troops began withdrawing from the country in June, Ariana News reported.

Blaming the Taliban for creating the conditions for the presence of foreign terrorists in Afghanistan, the Afghan President said that based on his plan, the country’s situation will witness a change within the next six months.

They will not engage in meaningful negotiations unless the situation changes on the battlefield; therefore, we should have a clear stance. For this, there is a need for a countrywide mobilization,” he said.

Ghani’s remarks come on a day when an Afghan watchdog released a report stating that 1,677 civilians were killed and 3,644 more were injured in Afghanistan in the first six months of this year. This shows an 80 per cent increase in casualties compared to the same period in 2020, the report said.

The Afghanistan  Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said on Sunday said these killings took place in 1,594 different security incidents.

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