Taliban working on future govt plan in Doha


Discussions are underway in Doha about a future government, including its structure and name, and they are expected to report on the process in the very near future, reports Asian Lite News

The Taliban leaders are discussing future government plans in Doha after gaining control of Kabul and seizing the presidential palace in Afghanistan’s capital, a media report said.

Discussions are underway in Doha about a future government, including its structure and name, and they are expected to report on the process in the very near future.

The terror group is in touch with the international community and intra-Afghan parties to make government in Afghanistan.

“At this time we face a test because now we are responsible for the security of the people,” said Taliban deputy leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

Afghan security force members walk past coffins of comrades killed in a checkpoint attack by Taliban militants in Faiz Abad district of Jawzjan province. (Photo by Mohammad Jan Aria_Xinhua_IANS)

On Sunday, the Taliban entered Kabul and took control of the presidential palace. The terrorist group is now everywhere in the capital, walking the streets of Kabul.

Over Afghanistan’s situation, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Monday called for an immediate cessation of all hostilities and the establishment of a new government that is united, inclusive and representative.

In a press statement, UNSC President TS Tirumurti said that the members of the Security Council called for an immediate end to the violence in Afghanistan, the restoration of security, civil and constitutional order.

Campaign on to retain Afghan flag in new Emirate

A number of youngsters gathered in Kunar province of Afghanistan demanded the Taliban to retain the government flag.

According to media reports, there is a vast campaign on social media demanding the Afghanistan Islamic Emirate to maintain the Afghan flag while others suggest a joint flag of both.

A number of women gathered in Kabul demanding a share in the upcoming government.

The women asked power holders not to be forgotten in the upcoming regime.

The women though did not name the Taliban directly; this is apparently a rare move in Afghanistan where the Taliban are grappling control of nearly the entire country, reports said.

Afghanistan flag(Pic credit wikipedia)

In the Afghan capital, the situation is barely looking to be coming to normal as the number of Taliban members carrying weapons is relatively less.

The number of shops also increased and now there are more people on the streets of Kabul compared with the past two days.

Public transportation also got relatively back on the streets and there was also some traffic personnel seen in the city.

The Taliban also share frequent video clips of arresting thieves in Kabul city who were impersonating them and were robbing people and property.

Though the AIE in their statement said that academic institutions will remain open for both boys and girls, the institutions are still closed in Kabul.

In the public health sector, the Taliban members have also met a group of female doctors in Kabul asking them to continue their jobs as normal.

The newly shaped council comprising Hamid Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah and Gulbadin Hekmatyar was supposed to be visiting Doha on Tuesday but trip has been put off.

The council is currently the only address from which the Taliban can get the power.

Taliban urges govt staff to return to work

Two days after the Taliban captured Kabul, the insurgent group on Tuesday urged the Afghan government employees to return to work in an effort to bring back normalcy in the capital city.

Declaring a general amnesty, the Taliban urged all to restart their normal lives with confidence.

It also urged women to join its government.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted that the situation in Kabul was completely under control and law and order returned to the city.

Mujahid reiterated that life and properties of people were safe as there are reports that the Taliban has arrested about 200 people involved in looting of government properties and vehicles.

The Taliban leadership has ordered its members and “once again instructs them that no one is allowed to enter anyone’s house without permission. Life, property and honor of none shall be harmed but must be protected,” Mujahid said.

Late on Monday, flight operations of military transport planes had resumed from the Kabul airport and dozens of flights were conducted, according to residents living nearby.

The planes were evacuating foreigners and some of their Afghan workers.

The flight operations were suspended on Monday morning after thousands of Afghans flocked to the airport to flee Kabul.

Also on Monday, the offices of the Afghan Public Health Ministry and the Kabul municipality were reopened.

Wahid Majrooh, acting minister of public health, appeared together with Taliban public health representatives in a televised footage, urging medical workers to return to their jobs, including female medical employees.

Small shops were also reopened around the city while banks and business centres mostly remained closed as of Tuesday morning.

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