UN denies seat for Taliban, Myanmar junta


The UN committee was convened on Wednesday and delayed the decision over who will represent Afghanistan’s Taliban-led government and the military junta in Myanmar…reports Asian Lite News

The United Nations Accreditation Committee did not approve the Taliban’s seat along with the Myanmar Military junta at the world body, local media reported on Thursday.

The UN committee was convened on Wednesday and delayed the decision over who will represent Afghanistan’s Taliban-led government and the military junta in Myanmar, Khaama Press reported today.

Both the seats have been delayed for so long, as per the Afgan media outlet.

The decision means that the representatives of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and Military Junta will not be allowed to have seats at the 193-member world body for now.

This comes hours after the UN nominee of the Taliban Sohail Shaheen in a series of Tweets said the people of Afghanistan have fought for their independence and they have the right to have representatives at the UN.

“To have an Independent Afghanistan is the legitimate right of the people of Afghanistan. For this they struggled for decades. Why they should be target of sanctions, pressures and deprived of seat at UN because they wanted an Afghanistan, free of occupation and able to have positive relations with any country of the world based on mutual interests,” he tweeted.

Myanmar’s Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Services Sen-Gen Min Aung Hlaing. (Xinhua_U Aung_IANS)

Taliban plead for unfreezing reserves

Taliban delegation has asked US administration to unfreeze Kabul’s financial assets enabling it to function as the government as it faces a tough economic crisis in the talks held in Doha, Qatar.

A delegation of US officials led by Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West met a Taliban delegation led by Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, according to News International.

Further, the US State Department spokesperson said that the two delegations discussed the international community’s ongoing and urgent response to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

“The United States remains committed to ensuring that US sanctions do not limit the ability of Afghan civilians to receive humanitarian support from the US government and international community while denying assets to sanctioned entities and individuals,” the statement mentioned.

Earlier US has frozen $ 9.5 Billion assets belonging to the Afghan central bank and stopped shipments of cash to the nation.

Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan spokesperson Abdul Qahar Balkhi said that Afghan FM Muttaqi exchanged views about political, economic, health, education, security and humanitarian issues, including discussions about necessary facilities in banking and liquidity availability.

“The Afghan side assured the US officials about security and sought immediate unconditional unfreezing of Afghan reserves, ending of sanctions and blacklists, and disconnecting humanitarian issues from political considerations,” Abdul Balkhi said.

Earlier, the US treasury department has issued general licenses to support the continued flow of humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan and other activities that support basic human needs.

Afghanistan since the take over of the Taliban in August this year has been struggling financially with their bank’s assets being frozen by the US and International Community. (ANI)

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