Al Wadood – A Musical Tribute to Allah


Indian singers Afsal Ismail and Nafla Sajid release Al Wadood, a musical album in classical Hindustani, to pay tribute to Allah…reports Asian Lite News

Al Asmaul Husna or ‘The Beautiful names’ is a compilation of 99 names of God in Islamic tradition. These names feature throughout the Islamic world in the form of calligraphy, chants and more lately as melodious songs. The most recent addition to the latest form is the Al Wadood, a musical album in classical Hindustani.

An unprecedented experience of spirituality and holiness is felt in this unique rendering which is sung by the beloved singer from Kerala Afsal Ismail and his niece Nafla Sajid. The song has gained a wide reputation in just hours after its release.

Zimbabwean grand Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk, Indian Megastar Mamooty, Cine actors Rahman, Manoj K Jayan were on the long list of supporters of the project.

Al Wadood musical album is the brainchild of Mr Musthafa Hamza Orumanayur, an ex-pat Keralite from Qatar. He has done the music direction also. Mr Musthafa’s Media Production company, Sofic Media released the song on its YouTube channel. It is composed by Nafla Sajid. A well-knit composition with charm and beauty was orchestrated by Anwar Aman.

Yousaf Lensman created the video for the song, imparting an exquisite visual treat.  Mr Musthafa Hamza who is also the producer, was over the moon when he mentioned that the video came about great beating all expectations. 

The Camera was handled by Ansoor PM and Yousaf Lensman, Arabic Calligraphy by Nazir Cheekonne, Song Mixing by Imam Majboor along with the Technical Assistance of Masood Set, Shamsi Tirur and Shihab Ali. Creative Support by KK Moideen Koya, Salavudeen Abdulkader, Faisal Nalakath UK, Nash Varghese, Anvar Nalakath, Rasal Puthanpally, Shine Rayams, Sinjo Nellisery and Sunny Maliyekkal USA.

The Graphics and Editing were done by Yousaf Lensman, Di 24Se7en Studios, Kochi, Colourist Bilal Rasheed and the Song Recording was at Audiogene studio Kochi, Pro AS Dinesh.

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