British High Commissioner inaugurates Winter Carnival 2022


Tamana Foundation, a non-profit voluntary organization hosted the Christmas festivities…reports Asian Lite News

British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis inaugurated Christmas festivities for the specially-abled. The Winter Carnival 2022 for the specially-abled was held after a hiatus of two years. In his address for the specially-abled, Alex Ellis said it is “important” to see every individual for “who they are” and “not what the world wants them to be.” Ellis danced with the children during the Christmas festivities.

The specially-abled children presented a cultural performance at the event. Neerja Sekhar, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, also attended the event. “Every single one of you here at some point in life will come across a World or a person you do not understand and when you do, the most tempting thing you do is to step away, but all of us should step towards what we do not understand or do not know,” Ellis said.

“The most important thing that we all need to learn and I have learned as we have an autistic son is the individualness of every individual in the world and the greatest gift that you can give to the person is to see them for who they are and not for what you think they should be,” he added.

Tamana Foundation, a non-profit voluntary organization hosted the Christmas festivities. The Winter Carnival is aimed to encourage people to participate in the events by the specially-abled. (ANI)

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