UK to review approach to future biological security


The Call for Evidence, published on, will seek feedback on specific biological security risks from experts…reports Asian Lite News

The government on Wednesday asked for health and security experts to inform the refresh of the UK’s Biological Security Strategy, which aims to protect the country from a range of biological threats, including emerging infectious diseases and potential misuse by hostile actors.

The updated strategy will incorporate learnings from the recent response to Covid-19, consider evolving priorities since the pandemic, and reflect the rapid advances in science and technology across all aspects of biological security.

The Call for Evidence, published on, will seek feedback on specific biological security risks from experts including those with a background in biological engineering, biological security, contingency planning and other related technical fields.

The Integrated Review published last year set out the vision for the UK’s role in the world over the next decade and highlighted the need to review and reinforce the cross-government approach to biological security, including a refresh of the 2018 Strategy. This Strategy brought together for the first time the work that takes place across Government to protect the UK from significant biological risks, no matter how these occur and no matter who or what they affect.

Whilst the UK has developed world-leading biological defences, such as public health testing facilities and genomic sequencing capability, the Integrated Review recognises that we must embrace innovation to bring to bear new biological security capabilities, exploit the opportunities that arise as a result, and build back better, at home and overseas, from Covid-19.

Michael Ellis QC MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, said, “Ensuring that we are responding to the changing global security landscape and taking reasonable steps to ensure public safety is of critical importance. COVID-19 shone a light on the significance of biological security and ensuring we have robust plans in place to protect the public from threats here in the UK and overseas.”

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