First consignment of 2500 MT wheat from India reaches Afghanistan


The shipment is part of the commitment made by the Government of India to supply 50,000 MT of wheat for the people of Afghanistan…reports Asian Lite News

The first consignment of humanitarian aid of 2,500 tonnes of wheat from India reached Afghanistan’s Jalalabad through Pakistan on Saturday.

“The first convoy of 2500 MT of wheat assistance reached Jalalabad this morning. The 50 trucks dispatched from ICP Attari travelled through Pakistan to Afghanistan,” said Farid Mamundzay, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India.

Earlier on Tuesday, Foreign Secretary of India, Harsh V Shringla had flagged the first consignment of humanitarian aid of 50,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan, in the presence of Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India, Farid Mamundzay at the Attari-Wagah border in Punjab.

In response to appeals made by the United Nations for humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, the Government of India has decided to gift 50,000 MT of wheat to the people of Afghanistan. The supply will be effected by the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and transported from ICP Attari (India) to Jalalabad (Afghanistan) by Afghan transporters.

The shipment is part of the commitment made by the Government of India to supply 50,000 MT of wheat for the people of Afghanistan. The wheat assistance will be delivered in multiple consignments and will be handed over to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the situation in Afghanistan is critical and millions of people are suffering from hunger and food crisis.

Most of the people of Afghanistan are living below the poverty line, in such a situation, the humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan by India is like a ray of hope.

In this endeavour, India has already supplied 500,000 doses of COVAXIN, 13 tons of essential lifesaving medicines and 500 units of winter clothing. These consignments were handed over to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Indira Gandhi Hospital, Kabul.

Removed India’s banners

In an apparent display of its “hostility” towards India, Pakistan removed the banners inscribed with “India’s message of love” for Afghans from the trucks carrying humanitarian aid sent by India to Afghanistan.

The trucks carrying the aid had entered Pakistan’s territory a couple of days ago before continuing with their journey towards Afghanistan.

Bearing banners inscribed with the message “Gift from the people of India to the people of Afghanistan”, around 41 trucks, carrying 2,500 tonnes of wheat, had rolled into the Pakistani territory through the Attari-Wagha border after these were flagged-off on Tuesday by Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla.

Afghan trucks were allowed into the Indian side via Pakistan to collect the wheat. These were decorated with banners bearing a “Message of Love” from India. However, these trucks were delayed on the Pakistani side after they crossed the Attari border.

Sources said these trucks were sent to Afghanistan late on Wednesday night, but only after removing the banners.

“Besides hinting its hostility towards India, this gesture of Pakistan made it quite evident that it opposes India’s bonhomie with Afghanistan,” they added. (ANI/IANS)

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