‘UAE committed to support security, stability in Sahel region’


“The UAE will continue to support and encourage institutions, to guarantee long-term prosperity and stability,” said the minister…reports Asian Lite News

The UAE has participated in the third ministerial meeting of the Coalition for the Sahel, which was held virtually to review the guidelines of a collective action to achieve stability in the Sahel region, and provide a framework for developing a roadmap for the coalition.

During the meeting, the UAE affirmed its commitment to joint efforts that aim to enhance security and stability in the Sahel nations, as well as to advance development and humanitarian efforts in the region.

During the meeting, Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, Minister of State, expressed the constant and continuous support of the UAE for the Sahel countries.

“The UAE will continue to support and encourage institutions, toguarantee long-term prosperity and stability,” said the minister.

“The stability of the Sahel region is vital for both Africa and the surrounding regions,” he added, stressing the importance of facing challenges that impede progress and prosperity. Sheikh Shakhboot also underlined the importance of empowering young people so that they can shoulder the responsibility toward determining the future of the region.

He stressed that the key to resolving some of the major issues facing the Sahel region lies in strengthening the social and economic situation of the countries of this region, in order to improve living standards of their peoples, while addressing threats of violence and extremism.

In order to ensure regional security and stability in and around the Sahel, he continued, “We must revive efforts to create a new model of cooperation and friendship that is oriented towards a more prosperous future for the region as a whole.”

Sheikh Shakhboot concluded, “We must dedicate our efforts to developing multilateral solutions that will mitigate and resolve the ongoing crises facing that region.”

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