‘Neeyat’ teaser hints at murder mystery


The teaser simply says “Suspects are arriving. Motives are forming. Get ready folks, a mystery is coming.”..reports Asian Lite News

Vidya Balan’s upcoming theatrical release, “Neeyat” dropped a short teaser, which only further fans the flames of curiosity regarding the murder mystery.

Ahead of its trailer launch on Thursday, the makers unveiled an intriguing but incredibly vague 17 second teaser which reveals next to nothing except the appearance of Vidya Balan’s character.

The teaser simply says “Suspects are arriving. Motives are forming. Get ready folks, a mystery is coming.”

In addition, the makers revealed 11 posters of the film’s key characters, giving viewers an introduction to Vidya Balan’s character, and the 10 other suspects who drive the plot forward.

While the teaser offers a small sneak peek into the enigmatic world of the murder mystery, with each poster hyping up the mystery, ultimately the teaser only ups the curiosity.

Shot as a classic murder mystery, the story follows Vidya Balan’s character detective Mira Rao, who is forced by the situation at hand to become an unlikely detective, investigating a mystery-filled murder at a billionaire’s party.

Narrating a tension filled suspense story, appearances are deceiving as nothing is what it appears to be.

“Neeyat” consists of an ever evolving chain of motives with each and every suspect harbouring their own dark secrets.

The film also stars Ram Kapoor, who plays billionaire Ashish Kapoor. Actor Rahul Bose and Shahana Goswami play banker Jimmy Mistry and billionaire Lisa respectively.

Then there is Niki Walia essaying a tarot card reader among many other personalities in the film.

The film is directed and co-written by Anu Menon, who last collaborated with Vidya Balan in the 2020 directorial “Shakuntala Devi”, based on the life and times of the lady known as the human computer.

In addition, Anu Menon has also directed multiple episodes of the internationally acclaimed series “Killing Eve”.

Additional writers for “Neeyat” include Priya Venkataraman, Advaita Kala and Girvani Dhyani with dialogues written by Kausar Munir.

Jointly produced by the Vikram Malhotra-led Abundantia Entertainment, which previously also produced “Shakuntala Devi”, and Prime Video, “Neeyat” will release theatrically on July 7, 2023.

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