Vande Mataram: Bharat Ek Sone ki Chidiya


With the G20 logo and the world in the background, they performed Odissi and Mohiniyattam dances that showcased the beauty and grace of traditional Indian dance…reports Asian Lite News

“Vande Mataram: Bharat Ek Sone ki Chidiya,” a stunning dance ballet that brought India’s rich culture to life through a visual feast of colour, movement, and song, was performed by the Urvashi Dance song Art & Cultural Society. The choreography for the dance ballet was overseen by Rekha Mehra. Viewers were amazed by the amazing performance, which included elements of classical, folk, and modern dancing. 80 disadvantaged girls were among the 100 artists that performed for the audience.

The Satyam Shivam Sundaram theme and an exuberant, lively taal played on the piano and tabla set the mood for the rest of the ballet’s performance. Then came the Kathak and Chhau dancers, who were decked out in stunning white gowns and whose movements were graceful and mesmerising.  The Chhau dance added a unique touch to the performance. A stunning jugalbandi of sitar and mridangam was played after that, delighting the audience. The next act was a Manipuri dance that reflected the magnificence of our country, which has always been referred to as “Sone ki Chidiya.” The dancers wore petals and displayed the magnificent patterns and embellishments of nature in the background while donning the petals.

With the G20 logo and the world in the background, they performed Odissi and Mohiniyattam dances that showcased the beauty and grace of traditional Indian dance. The Shakti, Yukti Sambhritam Bhavatu Bharatam performance paid homage to the valour of pioneers and soldiers who lost their lives to secure our independence and protect us. The event became more joyful with the Holi performance that came after.

Following was the Baisakhi festival, which featured a rural scenario that immersed the audience in a rural setting, replete with dancing crops. The Haryanvi beat gave the performance an earthy taste, and the Bharatnatyam poses resembling yoga asanas were a great compliment. The use of Malkham demonstrated the flexibility of the performers. Rekha Mehra’s performance honoured the empowerment of women by showcasing their talents and adaptability. Sword dances by the girls highlighted their might and might. Another wonderful performance that enthralled the audience was Ganga Aarti. The last performance was a celebration of India’s grandeur and featured a song in multiple Indian languages. The dancers paid tribute to Vishwaguru by giving a loving and passionate performance to the music.

The event was attended by several important dignitaries, including Meenakshi Lekhi, Minister of Culture, ICCR President Dr Vinay Sehsrabuddhe, Film Actress Joyshree,   Bollywood Ace Choreographer  Dharmesh Yelande and Taran Mehndi, CEO at DRecords International Pvt Ltd.

Talking about the event, Rekha Mehra said, “We are delighted to present this larger-than-life dance ballet, which draws together the various art of Indian culture as well as artists from various nations. The entire performance was carried out using numerous props imported from Singapore to bring life to the sets and the performances.”

The magnificent performance captivated the audience, which not only included a blend of classical, folk, and modern dance techniques, but also a stunning background and props imported from Singapore. These feature huge butterfly wings, large pink and yellow flower petals, golden bird attire, and a Led screen.

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