An Unmatched Adventure – A short story by Dubai based young aspiring author Myra Kumar


Once upon a time there was a forest, not just any forest, a Magical forest! There were many fairies, a dancing tree and a flying dog who lived happily in this magical forest. They loved to go out for adventures together. One day the dog was flying around the forest when he saw a cave glowing with light. He rushed back to tell his friends about what he saw. Curious to know what was happening, the fairies and the dog flew to the cave while the tree danced along the path.

They all walked into the cave and from a distant rock they saw a witch stirring up a wicked potion. They crawled up to a closer rock to see what was she up to. The fairies flew above the witch’s potion to see the bubbly green, radiant magical mixture. They saw her add a wicked paint into it and that made the potion stranger, greener, brighter and stinkier!

The light became so bright that they all could barely see anything. The bubbly fluid began to flow down a pit that the witch had dug. The fairies understood what the witch was up to. They told their friends to get out of the cave at once!

They saw the fluid flow down the pit, dug up all across the forest. The fairies explained to their friends that whoever drinks this liquid will faint immediately and the evil witch will easily kill them and use their skin to make her warm fancy coats. Before they could come up with a plan to save the forest they heard the sound of someone gulping something…it was an elephant drinking the green fluid from the pit gosh! It then called on to a dog and a cat and suggested them to taste this yummy liquid as well. So well all of them fainted…

They needed to act fast now to save all the other animals of the forest. The fairies said that they know a trick to undo the witch’s spell, but they needed sometime for it. The dancing tree took up the responsibility of keeping all the animals distracted till then by showing them her spectacular ballet dance performance. While the flying dog decided to stop the witch. He entered the cave and started spinning swiftly around the witch.. creating a tornado, soon the witch was too dizzy and fainted.

The fairies then went deeper and deeper into the cave till they reached a glittery passage. The fairies told each other to find the special squishy diamonds. The cave was too dark so they began touching things with their hands so that they could feel and find the diamonds. Voila! Shouted one of them, the diamonds are here. They quickly took the diamonds outside and squished its magic water on all the fainted animals and the green fluid  – all was normal once again.

The animals cheered with joy and the witch flew away on her broom angrily, never to return to the magical forest ever again!

Meet the aspiring author:

Myra Kumar is a 8 year old storyteller, aspiring story writer and story lover, she wrote this when she was 7, she loves to read and write more stories since, she is into drawing and painting too and wants to make her stories into an illustrative book to share with other children one day soon! Myra lives in Dubai, UAE with her mom, dad and little sister with whom she loves listening to and reading more and more stories. Her little sister has given her thumbs up for this story written by her big sis and she has loved hearing it again and again!

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