The resurgence of Khalistan movement: concerns, threats, and insights


Addressing fears surrounding possible financial support and the escalating tensions between nations due to Khalistani activism, Krishnamoorthi underscored the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully…reports Antariksh Singh/ Khalsa vox

The resurgence of the Khalistan movement, primarily on social media, and in some countries such as Canada, the US, UK, and Australia, has sparked significant concerns, especially after the recent attacks on the Indian consulate in San Francisco.

During a comprehensive discussion, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, an influential representative in the US, provided valuable perspectives on the potential dangers posed by Khalistani activists. Having previously expressed strong disapproval of the assault on the consulate, Krishnamoorthi was asked about the escalating frequency of these attacks. The fact that these incidents are not isolated, with reported instances occurring in the UK, where the Prime Minister has Indian heritage, and tensions extending to the West Coast of the US, has raised significant concerns about the impact of the Khalistan movement.

In response, Krishnamoorthi firmly maintained that Khalistanis constitute a tiny segment of the population. The few extremist Khalistanis, he argues, are not representative of the broader sentiments of Sikh Americans. He is confident that the overwhelming majority of Sikh Americans, and Indian Americans at large, would not condone or support the violence and hostility disseminated by this marginal group.

Krishnamoorthi emphasized the need to address concerns about potential financial support and the increasing tensions among nations caused by Khalistani activism. He stressed the significance of peacefully resolving conflicts and firmly condemned any acts of hostility and violence. As an example, he mentioned a recent flyer promoting a rally that used provocative language, specifically the phrase “Kill India.”

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