SOUND HEALING: An Upcoming Book by Farzana Ali on How to Use Sound to Beat Stress and Anxiety


Farzana Ali is the UK’s go-to Sound Therapist who has featured in Marie Claire  and Vogue and her new book Sound Healing which is coming out early next year, perfect for New Year, New You. This upcoming book will be an accessible guide to an increasingly popular self-care trend: sound healing. A feature by lifestyle columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

Farzana Ali as a Sound Therapist digs deep into the science of sound healing providing evidence-based lessons and exercises so you can beat stress and anxiety, manifest your goals and build the life you want.

Farzana will highlight a number of areas in her up book like Why sound healing works and how to access it at home, from humming to tuning into the nature sounds around us. The benefits of sound healing are many, from better sleep and pain management to reduced anxiety she will explain.

She will talk about the different types of therapeutic sound, from vibroacoustic massage to soundscapes. Also she will highlight additional tools to use alongside sound healing, such as active listening, art therapy and breath work.

Farzana explores a number of areas in her soon to be released book including: Cutting through the noise, Sound Healing  practical tips and activities that can be used in everyday life to self-soothe.

Farzana Ali, as a sound practitioner leverages a 17-year career as a former lifestyle and wellness journalist, having worked for both glossy magazines and national newspapers. During which, she tried out and tested all types of meditation and mindfulness activities and interviewed leading experts across the wellness field.

Her upcoming book is the First Mainstream Sound Healing Book. This book provides a science-based approach, unlike other more spiritual books on the topic. It therefore taps into a mainstream audience interested in it as a self-care technique. Her book will also provide practical exercises and tools to help the reader experience sound healing at home. 

This is a timely book and topic as there’s an increasing interest in sound therapy, from Madonna to Kendall Jenner, a new celebrity every week is sharing that they have either attended a sound bath or is pictured with a new sound healing instrument. 

Farzana as a sound therapist also looks at the differences between pink, white and brown noise and how brown noise can help those with ADHD. Book releasing in January 2024. 

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