France to work with India to ensure meaningful G20 summit in Sept


India and France are going ahead in the space sector and one of the new facets will be the use of reusable launchers…reports Asian Lite News

France will work with India to ensure that the G20 summit in September in India is a “meaningful” one, sources said today.

Differences between the West and Russia-China on the war in Ukraine had come up during the last summit in Indonesia last year, but sources said, the issues of climate financing and the north-south divide would be worked on and both countries would work towards a positive outcome.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Emmanuel Macron had discussions on the G20 during their last meeting on Bastille Day (July 14) in Paris. In France, there is bipartisan support for the bilateral relationship.

Discussions on the Indo-French nuclear energy project were still on, sources said, and land acquisition was not an issue any more as NPCIL had already bought the land. The liability issues were yet to be worked out as also, the financial issues. India, sources added, have certain liability standards and the French and Indians are working together to fit them to the required standards. France, which relies on nuclear energy for nearly 80 percent of its electricity, is ready to offer the latest nuclear reactors. This is an effort to decarbonise the planet. India and France will also work together on using hydrogen as a fuel for the future.

India and France are going ahead in the space sector and one of the new facets will be the use of reusable launchers.

Modi and Macron discussed the Ukraine war and sources said that the Indian Prime Minister’s statement about the 21st century not being an era of war has been widely regarded. There has been no improvement in the situation in Ukraine since the last G20 and the West’s view will not be very different. But France, like India, was keen to ensure that the African Union had a greater role in international affairs.

France has made a major pitch for Indian students, pointing out that while American universities were good, the French too had world-class universities. They were also cheaper, and importantly, some of the classes were not in French. Also, students could stay on in France and work for a year or two after graduation. France and India discuss human rights issues privately and public statements are not considered useful. But there is a lot of support for NGOs, climate change and gender equality

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