New York City bans single-use plastic in takeout orders


The new measures, aimed at cutting down single-use plastic waste…reports Asian Lite News

New restrictions introduced in New York City, the most populous city in the US, to reduce single-use plastic waste in takeout orders came into effect.

Under the new rules implemented from Monday onwards, restaurants and delivery services in the city are not allowed to provide plastic utensils, condiment packets, napkins or extra containers in takeout and delivery orders unless customers ask for them.

That means restaurants will no longer automatically include plastic containers, knives and forks, packets of mayo, dressing, as well as ketchup in a to-go order without customer’s request, Xinhua news agency reported.

The new measures, aimed at cutting down single-use plastic waste, stemmed from the “Skip the Stuff” law signed by New York Mayor Eric Adams earlier this year.

A warning period for the regulations ends on June 30, 2024, then fines will be issued for violations.

Those who violate the restrictions will face penalties, starting at $50 for the first offence, $150 for the second, and $250 for the third.

According to data cited by the New York City Council’s Committee on Consumer and Worker Protection, more than 320 million ton of plastics is used in the country each year, with 95 per cent of it being single-use, and of those single-use plastics, only 14 per cent are recycled.

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