Trump’s rally in South Carolina draws thousands


The exact number of attendees remained unclear, with law enforcement suggesting around 15,000 people had assembled by mid-morning…reports Asian Lite News

Former US President Donald Trump made a triumphant return to the campaign-style rallies of his presidency, addressing a large crowd gathered in the streets of Pickens, South Carolina.

Speaking ahead of the July 4th holiday, Trump expressed his gratitude to the hardworking patriots of South Carolina “who believe in God, family, and country.”

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be to kick off the Fourth of July weekend than right here on Main St., with thousands of hardworking South Carolina patriots who believe in God, family and country,” Trump said.

The exact number of attendees remained unclear, with law enforcement suggesting around 15,000 people had assembled by mid-morning, two hours prior to Trump’s speech.

Last month, a CNN poll revealed that Republican support for Trump appears to have softened after he was indicted with 37 counts in connection with the mishandling of classified documents case.

The poll revealed that Americans approve of Trump’s indictment, even as 71 per cent say politics played a role in that charging decision.

Though Trump continues to lead the Republican field by a wide margin in the race for the party’s nomination for President, the poll suggested that his support has declined, as have positive views of him among Republican and Republican-leaning voters.

Nearly a quarter now say they would not consider backing his candidacy under any circumstances.

The survey also found that the Republican-aligned voters not currently backing his 2024 bid have different views on his indictment and behaviour than those in his corner.

Overall, 47 per cent of Republicans and Republican-leaning registered voters say Trump is their first choice for the party’s nomination for president, down from 53 per cent in a May CNN poll.

Support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held steady at 26 per cent in the latest poll, with former Vice President Mike Pence at 9 per cent, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley at 5 per cent, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott at 4 per cent, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at 3 per cent and the remaining candidates at 1 per cent or less.

In addition to the decline in support for Trump’s candidacy, his favourability rating among Republican-aligned voters has also dipped, from 77 per cent in May to 67 per cent now, while the share who say they would not support him for the nomination under any circumstances has climbed, from 16 per cent in May to 23 per cent now.

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