Nithi Tex Empowers Women Across India Through E-Commerce


Since starting in 2015, Nithi Tex has combined social impact and business goals…reports Asian Lite News

Nithi Tex, an e-commerce firm, is driving financial empowerment for women throughout India. Nithi Tex places a strong emphasis on the recruitment and support of women in the manufacturing and distribution of its sarees. Through strategic collaborations and operational facilities with saree artisans in pivotal regions of India, Nithi Tex has established a consistent source of employment and income for more than 500 women and their families to date. Since its establishment in 2015, Nithi Tex has achieved impressive growth over seven years, significantly improving the livelihoods of numerous women across the country.

Importantly, Nithi Tex also aims to financially empower women beyond its own operations. It offers tools and services to help women safely earn extra money from home. Many women now earn more by selling sarees using Nithi Tex’s e-commerce platform and referral programs.
Nithi Tex sells high-quality sarees on its easy-to-use website and app. This lets customers from all over India and abroad conveniently buy the company’s diverse selection of stylish sarees at fair prices.
“We want to use technology to create income opportunities for women across India,” said Nithi Tex Founder Anburaja. “Our platform lets women from all walks of life earn from home by fulfilling orders and managing customers online.”

Nithi Tex makes its website and app intuitive and easy to use. Rural women with limited education can buy and sell stylish sarees without much effort. The company offers support in local languages and by phone to make the platform accessible.”We want shoppers from villages and smaller towns to confidently use our services,” Anburaja added.

“We focus on empowering through convenience and support.”
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As it continues growing, Nithi Tex is looking at new ideas to further benefit women financially. Potential efforts include saree design workshops, rental subscriptions, and partnerships with women’s self-help groups. Nithi Tex also works to preserve India’s rich saree-making heritage. It partners extensively with weavers and craft communities to sustain decades-old local techniques. It provides stable demand and fair prices for niche saree varieties at risk of fading away.

Since starting in 2015, Nithi Tex has combined social impact and business goals. It shows how e-commerce and technology can be used for good. By creating income opportunities and supporting women entrepreneurs, Nithi Tex is empowering women and communities across India. For more information and to download the Nithi Tex app, please visit their official website

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