With its artfully curated collection of exquisite botanical-infused creations and retro-futuristic steampunk vibe, Hokus Pokus has been casting a spell over locals and visitors alike since it opened officially back in April 2022. Hokus Pokus recently celebrated its second birthday hosting a soirée with their discerning guest list, free flowing drinks served with finesse, exquisite music playlist and delectable nibbles which were top-notch in flavour, taste and undoubtedly its presentation! A feature by columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International

Located where Bloomsbury meets King’s Cross and led by the brilliant mixologist Greg ‘Doc’ Chudzio, London’s ‘underground apothecary bar’ is a living tribute to the rich history of the local area.

In particular, it takes its inspiration from 19th century quacks like Dr James Morison, who in 1828 opened the “British College of Health’’ just down the road from Hokus Pokus and who famously claimed his vegetable pills could cure any ailment.

Fast forward a couple of centuries, and the potions and elixirs found at Hokus Pokus – some of which are infused while others are pickled, smoked or even set on fire – don’t lay claim to any health benefits, but will certainly help improve the mood of all who drink here!

The alchemists at Hokus Pokus combine numerous processes, including infusions, fat-washing and extraction, with a myriad of house-made liqueurs, herbal infusions and pure fruit extract to create a quite extraordinary list of libations.

Among the signature serves are Mix Berry Fusion, a magical medley of vanilla-infused Boatyard Vodka, pure fig & mixed berries extract, elderflower liqueur, apple juice & citrus elixir.

Smokey Sour Mash meanwhile is an astonishing amalgam of wagyu-washed Michter’s US*1 Original Sour Mash & a barrel-aged blend of vermouths. A combination of apple, cherry & chicory smoke is then used to elevate the cocktail.

Complementing these contemporary creations are some equally irresistible concoctions based on recipes from a bygone age, Coffee & Orange Chocolate among them, not forgetting a small but concise list of immaculately handcrafted Alcohol-Free Prescriptions.

It’s not just the drinks that are anchored by King’s Cross’ heritage and location. Hokus Pokus’ retro-futuristic steampunk engine room, brilliantly imagined by acclaimed British artist and designer Henry Chebaane, is similarly inspired by Victorian science, quack medicine, alchemy books and esoteric literature.

With its unique blend of creative alchemy and escapism, Hokus Pokus will entice anyone in search of extraordinary experiences. It certainly did just that for all their guests at their second birthday party! You can check out the vibe and action in all these photos, it was a party to remember!

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