Rahul accuses BJP of misleading people on jobs 


The Congress has been targeting the BJP government on the issue of unemployment and intends to make it an issue in the poll campaign…reports Asian Lite News

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused the BJP of “misleading” people on its promise of providing two crore jobs every year and said the youth across the country are asking if it lied to them.

He also said the youth have to change their destiny themselves by breaking the web of illusion created by the BJP and assured that the Congress has resolved to undertake an employment revolution through ‘Yuva Nyay’, a promise made to the youth ahead of elections.

“Narendra Modi ji, did you have any plan for employment? This question is on the lips of every youth today. In every street and village, BJP people are being asked – why was the lie told about providing 2 crore jobs every year,” he asked.

“The Congress has resolved to undertake employment revolution under Yuva Nyay. Our guarantee is that as soon as we come into government: We will fill 30 lakh government posts, every educated youth will be given a job worth Rs 1 lakh per year under the ‘Pehli Naukri Pakki’ scheme and we will get rid of paper leaks by making a law,” the Congress leader also said in a post in Hindi on X.

The Congress has been targeting the BJP government on the issue of unemployment and intend to make it an issue in the Lok Sabha poll campaign.

“This is the time to recognise the difference in the policies of the two ideologies. The Congress wants to build the future of the youth and the BJP wants to mislead them. The youth will have to change their destiny with their own hands by breaking the web of illusion. ‘Employment revolution’ will have to be brought in the country,” Gandhi also said.

Earlier, Modi had stated that his government has provided 1.5 times more jobs in the past decade compared to the previous government in the same timeframe.

Modi criticised the previous government for its prolonged recruitment processes, claiming it led to corruption. He further highlighted that his government has introduced transparency and is striving for time-bound recruitments.

He highlighted the role of ‘Rozgar Melas’ in elevating the contribution of the youth in nation-building. PM Modi stated that a large number of recruits would be joining the Central Armed Police Forces. The recruitment exams in these forces are now conducted in 13 Indian languages apart from Hindi and English, ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates.

“Youngsters today have faith in their equal opportunity to find a place within the government system through their hard work and talent,” stated the Prime Minister. He emphasized that his government’s initiatives, such as a rooftop solar power scheme for 10 million homes and extensive infrastructure investments, have been significant job creators.

With over 125,000 start-ups, India ranks third globally in this sector, he noted. Young entrepreneurs are starting new businesses even in smaller cities, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Prime Minister also announced the manufacturing and inclusion of 40,000 modern coaches, akin to those in Vande Bharat trains, in regular trains to enhance passenger convenience and comfort.

Modi accused previous governments of neglecting the railways and the expectations of the common people. He stated that the sector is currently undergoing a transformation. In order to spur research and innovation, his government has announced a fund of Rs 1 lakh crore and has extended tax rebates to start-ups.

He emphasised the importance of connectivity, stating it has led to the creation of new markets, expansion of tourism, new businesses and lakhs of jobs. He also mentioned that investment in infrastructure is being increased to expedite development, with Rs 11 lakh crore set aside in the recent budget for this purpose.

Oust BJP, get jobs, says Akhilesh

Meanwhile, Samajwadi Party (SP) national president Akhilesh Yadav attacked the state government after the expansion of the Yogi 2.0 in which four new ministers were inducted. Akhilesh also held an oath taking ceremony for many youths over ‘unemployment and paper leaks’.

After the oath ceremony at the SP state headquarters, Akhilesh wrote in a post on X: “Here’s another oath…We unemployed youth… victims of paper leaks…struggling to get jobs…to safeguard our future hereby take an oath that we will vote only for those parties whose agenda is to provide jobs-employment…Oust the BJP, get jobs.”

Akhilesh Yadav held a meeting of the party’s social media team and asked its members to engage intensively to counter the ‘BJP’s propaganda and lies’ on social media. Akhilesh also asked the team to expand its social media outreach.

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