Biden Says World Leaders Told Him ‘Don’t Let Trump Win’


Joe Biden’s remarks came during a public event in New York and said that world leaders always say that their democracies are at stake.

US President Joe Biden has claimed that at multiple meetings, wherever he goes to attend them, including the G20 meeting in India, the world leaders express support for him and implore that you can’t let the former US President Donald Trump win in the upcoming presidential elections.

His remarks came as President Biden addressed a public event during his election campaign in New York and said that world leaders always say that their democracies are at stake.

“And — but whether it’s the G20 meeting in — in India or whatever the meeting where there are other heads of state, I am not exaggerating when I say — and I say it in front of the press without giving the names — almost every one of the world leaders finds an excuse to get me alone for a moment, put their hand on my arm, and say, “You can’t let him win.” “My” — meaning his country or her country — “my democracy is at stake. My democracy is at stake.” Biden said.

“And, again, it’s not an exaggeration. Think about it. This is a guy who walked away from NATO. Th– told Putin he could do whatever he wants if they’re not paying their dues. As I said, he’s working — talks about — anyway,” he added.

President Biden also highlighted Donald Trump’s statement that he would encourage Russia to do whatever it wants with the countries that don’t spend 2 per cent of their GDPs on defence.

“Just — just look at what he’s done. The rest of the world is wondering what in the hell is happening to us. And they’re relieved, not because I’m so special but that I’m not Trump. I’m serious. I wish it was because they thought Biden was such a wonderful guy,” Biden said.

“I think they respect me. I think they listen to me. But the point is, it’s because they’re scared to death for their countries if he were to win again,” he added.

Earlier, Republican front-runner Donald Trump said that, as president, he warned NATO allies that he “would encourage” Russia “to do whatever the hell they want” to countries that are “delinquent” as he ramped up his attacks on foreign aid and longstanding international alliances.

Speaking at a rally in Conway, South Carolina, Trump recounted a story he has told before about an unidentified NATO member who confronted him over his threat not to defend members who fail to meet the trans-Atlantic alliance’s defense spending targets.

But this time, Trump went further, saying had told the member that he would, in fact, “encourage” Russia to do as it wishes in that case.

“‘You didn’t pay? You’re delinquent?'” Trump recounted saying. “‘No I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You gotta pay. You gotta pay your bills.'”

NATO allies agreed in 2014, after Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, to halt the spending cuts they had made after the Cold War and move towards spending 2 per cent of their GDPs on defence by 2024. (ANI)

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