Ireland, Norway and Spain recognise Palestinian state


The move has triggered an immediate response from Israel, which recalled its ambassadors from Dublin and Oslo…reports Asian Lite News

Spain, Norway and Ireland have announced that they would recognise an independent Palestinian state, a rebuke to Israel over its war in Gaza and its decades of occupation of Palestinian territories.

On Wednesday morning, the governments of Ireland, Spain, and Norway made coordinated announcements recognising Palestine, aiming to support a two-state solution and promote peace in the Middle East.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez addressed the parliament in Madrid, emphasising the principles of peace, justice, and consistency as the driving forces behind Spain’s decision.

“We must ensure the two-state solution is respected, with mutual guarantees of security,” Sánchez stated, receiving applause from the assembly.

Ireland’s Taoiseach, Simon Harris, echoed this sentiment, asserting Palestine’s legitimate right to statehood.

At a press conference in Dublin, Harris declared, “This is a statement of unequivocal support for a two-state solution, the only credible path to peace and security for Israel, Palestine, and their peoples.”

He expressed confidence that other countries would follow suit in the coming weeks.

In Oslo, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre reinforced the necessity of recognition for peace in the region, declaring Norway’s acknowledgment of Palestine as an independent state “with all the rights and obligations that entails.”

Israel recalls envoys

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz on Wednesday ordered the “immediate return” of Israeli ambassadors to Ireland and Norway following the decision announced by the two countries to recognise a Palestinian state.  

“I am sending a clear message today – Israel will not be complacent against those who undermine its sovereignty and endanger its security,” said Katz.

“Ireland and Norway intend to send a message to the Palestinians and the whole world today: Terrorism pays. After the terrorist organisation Hamas carried out the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, after it committed the most horrific sex crimes the world has seen, these countries chose to give a reward to Hamas and Iran by recognising a Palestinian state,” he added.

He stated that the “distorted step” taken by both countries is an “injustice” to the memory of the October 7 victims and a “blow” to efforts being made to ensure a safe return of the 128 hostages.

“Israel will not remain silent – there will be further severe consequences. If Spain follows through on its intention to recognise a Palestinian state, a similar step will be taken against it,” Kantz warned.

“The Irish-Norwegian folly does not deter us; we are determined to achieve our goals: restoring security to our citizens, dismantling Hamas, and bringing the hostages home. There are no more just causes than these,” he said.

Over 140 countries and the Holy See have recognised a Palestinian state, but most Western European countries and the US have not, reported The New York Times.

According to them, the recognition should be achieved through negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians and while they support a two-state solution, unilateral measures by third parties will not advance that goal.

Meanwhile, Israel has strongly condemned international attempts to recognise a Palestinian state and emphasised that Israel needs to negotiate directly with Palestinian leaders on a permanent solution.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also said that establishing a Palestinian state would be an “existential danger” to Israel, The New York Times reported.

Palestine welcomes decision

Palestinian foreign ministry said it “welcomes the decisions taken by the Spain, Norway and Ireland to recognise the State of Palestine.”

“With this significant step, Spain, Norway and Ireland have once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the two-state solution and to delivering the long overdue justice to the Palestinian people.

“Further, the recognitions of Spain, Norway and Ireland, are in line with international law and all United Nations relevant resolutions, which will in turn contribute positively to all international efforts towards ending the Israeli Illegal occupation and achieving peace and stability in the region.”

The statement goes on to call for other states to “take this principled decision as soon as possible”.

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