Poll Predicament: Imran Khan Beckons US Attention


PTI leader Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said that the PTI founder had called it the US’ responsibility to raise its voice over the transparency of elections in Pakistan…reports Asian Lite News

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused the US of not fulfilling responsibility against the anti-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) measures in Pakistan.

Conveying Imran Khan’s message, PTI leader Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said that the PTI founder had called it the US’ responsibility to raise its voice over the transparency of elections in Pakistan, Pakistan-based Samaa TV reported.

He accused the US of patronising and imposing dictators and installing corrupt people as rulers. PTI leader Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif made the remarks while speaking to reporters outside Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi, along with PTI senior leader Asad Qaiser.

Saif said Imran Khan had sent a special message for the US which he wants to be highlighted as much as possible. Quoting Imran Khan, he said that the US did not fulfil its duty against the anti-PTI measures, adding that America has always patronized and imposed dictators and installed corrupt people as rulers.

Further quoting Imran Khan, he stressed that it was an opportunity for the US to rectify its past actions and added that the US should keep monitoring election rigging in Pakistan, according to Samaa TV report.

“It is America’s responsibility to raise its voice on the transparency of elections in Pakistan,” Barrister Saif quoted Imran Khan as saying. Furthermore, Asad Qaiser said that there was concern over the US’ silence on alleged rigging in the polls conducted on February 8.

He said, “America acts like the voice of democracy in the whole world, but both the US and Europe have maintained silence on rigging in the elections in Pakistan,” Samaa TV reported.

Asad Qaiser said they wanted to remind the US and Europe of their responsibility and that the basic democratic rights of the people of Pakistan were being stolen. He said, “We want the rule of law and the Constitution. He called on the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the alleged rigging in the elections.

Asked about Imran Khan changing his stance regarding the US, Saif said that the PTI founder made the statement in response to the US State Department’s recent press briefing in which it had called for the probe of claims of interference and fraud in the polls, Dawn reported.

According to Dawn report, he further said, “This is our response that the US should pressurise those involved in rigging instead of issuing such cosmetic statements.”

Earlier on Wednesday, the US Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller on Wednesday called for an investigation of rigging allegations in the Pakistan general results held on February 8.

On being asked about US lawmakers calling on the State Department not to accept the results of the Pakistan election until allegations of rigging are investigated, Miller said, “So we have called for those allegations to be investigated. We think that’s appropriate step to take. That’s – that is our response to questions of irregularities not just in Pakistan, but when we see them anywhere in the world.”

“We think that they’re thoroughly investigated and resolved. And so that – we will continue to call for that. But at the same time, it’s clear that the elections in Pakistan were competitive, and we look forward to working with the government, once it’s formed, that the people of Pakistan elected,” he added.

Pakistan held its 12th national general elections on February 8, amid allegations of rigging and the shutdown of cellular and internet services, Dawn reported. The PTI has announced that it will stage nationwide protests on February 17 against the alleged rigging in the polls, Dawn reported.

According to the election results, Independent candidates supported by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have won 92 seats. PML-N is currently in the second position in the vote count with 79 seats while the PPP has won 54 seats, Geo News reported.

The MQM-P has secured victory in 17 constituencies. JUI-F has won four seats, PML-Q secured victory in three constituencies, while IPP and BNP won two seats each. The MWM, National Party, PML-Z, Balochistan Awami Party, Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and Pashtunkhwa National Awami Party have won one seat each. (ANI)

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