UAE reaffirms commitment to supporting maritime sector, seafarers


This initiative underscores the UAE’s commitment to supporting the maritime sector and ensuring the welfare of seafarers….reports Asian Lite News

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Prevention and Abu Dhabi Ports, organised an initiative to commemorate “International Day of the Seafarer”, observed annually on 25th June.

This initiative underscores the UAE’s commitment to supporting the maritime sector and ensuring the welfare of seafarers.

Held at Abu Dhabi Ports Marina, the event featured a range of awareness-raising activities, including workshops on mental and physical health, counselling sessions, and various activities aimed at enhancing the safety, health, and psychological well-being of seafarers, who are essential to the global maritime transport industry.

Hessa Al Malek, Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, emphasised the crucial need to fully support sailors, highlighting the importance of not only improving their living and working conditions on board, but also offering robust awareness programs and psychological support to help them navigate the numerous challenges they face.

“This initiative aligns with the UAE’s ongoing efforts to elevate the working and living standards of maritime sector employees and showcases the nation’s leadership in supporting this vital industry globally,” she said.

Al Malek also acknowledged the critical role seafarers play in bolstering the global economy. She reiterated the UAE’s dedication to providing comprehensive support through initiatives that improve onboard medical services and foster opportunities for psychological and social engagement, thereby enhancing seafarers’ resilience against daily challenges.

“The UAE has implemented practical and proactive measures to support seafarers,” she explained. “These efforts include meeting their basic needs, safeguarding their rights under international agreements, and ensuring their quality of life, positioning the UAE as a model of excellence in improving working conditions for seafarers.”

She added, “On the International Day of the Seafarer, celebrated each year on 25th June, we express our deep gratitude and appreciation to all seafarers. We are committed to creating a work environment that honours their contributions to this critical sector, which is a cornerstone of the global economy and investment.”

Dr. Aisha Al Busmait, Goodwill Maritime Ambassador for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), also expressed pride in the initiative. “We are honoured to be part of this comprehensive initiative that aims to enhance the awareness and well-being of seafarers. This initiative provides the necessary support and resources to help them maintain good health and safety,” she said.

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