Kangana’s New Poem Longing For Summer

Kangana Ranaut longs for love in new poem ‘Aasman’.

Actress Kangana Ranaut has revealed her inner poet yet again and penned a poem about love and longing for summer.

The actress shared the poem, titled “Aasman”, along with a soothing video, which has been shot at her place in Manali. The poem is about love and longing for summer.

“Poem I wrote and shot this summer, as winter approaches reminiscing Aasman,” she wrote as she shared the video on Twitter.

The video had a voiceover from Kangana, as she recited her poem. It also talked about doubting a lover’s affection, using the vastness of the sky as an allegory. The clip showed Kangana enjoying summer in the mountains, and Kangana lying in the grass. She can also be seen enjoying her time in the hills and warming herself in front of a fireplace.

Kangana Ranaut longs for love in new poem ‘Aasman’

She also posted snaps of her home in Manali, while talking about the changing season.

“In spring this garden was at its full a glory,honey bees,butterflies sucking the nectar of life,in rains it gave shelter to insects/reptiles, in autumn its withering away, bone chilling snow will cover it soon but beneath that it will continue to long n spring will happen again,” she wrote with a picture of her garden.

“Picture of the same section of the garden from last winter, only the skeletons of these trees/plants will remain they will die n will be born again,no season is permanent,if death is inevitable so is life, be this garden it will be ruined every time yet it will rise every time,” she wrote with another photograph of the garden.

Lately, the actress has been using social media to express her views, and share her film updates.

She recently shared a video and photographs from a dinner she has hosted for Sarvesh Mewara, director of her forthcoming film “Tejas”, and her coach for the film, Wing Commander Abhijeet Gokhale.

The actress took to her verified Twitter account to share glimpses from the dinner party hosted at her hometown Manali.

“It was a lovely evening hosted dinner for @sarveshmewara1 and our coach @AbbeeTheAviator along with few relatives, had requested my siblings to help me entertain my friends they clearly went overboard,” she wrote with the pictures.

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