Farmers set to reject SC panel


Farmers’ organisations welcome Apex Court suggestion to stay the implementation of the farm laws, but say they won’t participate in any proceeding before a committee that may be appointed, reports Asian Lite News

After a Supreme Court bench led by Chief Justice SA Bobde said that the court has made up its mind to stay the implementation of the three farm laws, the united farmers’ union has hardened its stand and said that all the farmers’ organisations, which are spearheading the fight against the farm laws, are unanimous in their decision that the laws must be repealed forthwith and has decided not to attend the committee if formed by the apex court.

“Though all organisations express great respect for the Hon’ble Supreme Court for its understanding of the problem and comforting words expressed during the hearing today,” said a statement issued by the unions.

While all the organisations welcome the suggestions of the Supreme Court to stay the implementation of the farm laws, they are collectively and individually not willing to participate in any proceeding before a committee that may be appointed by the apex court.

The Centre has made it clear before the court that it will not agree to any discussion for repealing the farm laws before the committee.

“We met our lawyers this evening and after deliberation on the pros and cons of the suggestions to the committee, we informed them that we are unanimously not agreeable to go before any committee that may be appointed by the Supreme Court due to the stubborn attitude of the government,” said the statement.

“The Supreme Court was requested by our lawyers as also by other lawyers including Harish Salve to fix the hearing again tomorrow to enable them to consult the organisations and seek their consent to the suggestion of the court,” it added.

“We have been told that no such hearing has been fixed for tomorrow as per the cause list already published for tomorrow till 9 pm and that only the matters are listed for pronouncements for order by the court. These events have deeply disappointed us, our lawyers and also the farmers at large. Therefore, it has been decided to release this press statement to let the world know our stand in the matter,” it said.

However, after the hearing on farm laws concluded, the Centre hurriedly filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court, stating that the legislations were not hurriedly made but are the result of two decades of deliberations, and their repeal is not justifiable or acceptable.

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