‘Unite Against Chinese Expansion’


Renowned Albanian historian Dr. Olsi Jazexhi says India Pakistan must become friends to fight Chinese Expansionism …. Interview by Nadir Ali Wani

Dr. Olsi Jazexhi

Albanian Historian Dr. OlsiJazexhi said that India and Pakistan must forget their past differences and become friends, so as to fight Chinese Imperialism.

“Because after all Indians and Pakistanis are the same people the only difference is some are Muslims, and some are Hindus,” the renowned historian said in an exclusive interview. “They come from the same origin and moreover, you are Indo Europeans and you are different from Chinese in every aspect. 

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“In my opinion instead of spending money and time fighting on each other they should build economic bridges,” he added. “Pakistan and India have been historically together. They should come again together today.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

 “Believe me if the Chinese will one day annex Pakistan and parts of India, they will do the same thing as what they are doing to the Uighurs in China. They are very intolerant and they do not tolerate religion. They don’t tolerate other cultures too. If the Chinese imperialism captures Pakistan and India, there will be no Muslims and Hindus anymore. The Chinese will send both countries to concentration camps and enforce you to speak Chinese.”

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Dr Olsi jazexhi was invited by Chinese authorities as a part of a delegation of journalists to showcase their re-education camps in Xinjiang province.  This is how he managed to gain access to two vocational training centers in the city of Exudate and another in Kashgar. The historian has returned from a sponsored trip to Xinxiang province of China where he visited the local Uighur people.

He visited the Chinese re-education camps set up for the Uighur people.

Chinese President Xi Jinping

“The Uighurs are not allowed to practice their religion, nor allowed to observe their faith in that country and if one grows a beard in China one is not allowed access to social media,” said Dr Olsi.

He noted that there is no difference between Taliban, Al-Qaida. and the Chinese authorities.  The radical Islamist Organisations either kill their opponents or forcibly convert them into Islam.  China uses the same approach to de-Islamize Uighurs.  China is brainwashing, jailing, and de-Islamising the Muslims in Xinjiang while simultaneously colonizing Xinjiang by settling Han Chinese colonists who are being brought from other regions of China in order to change the demography of the Muslim majority province of China.

The Chinese are advancing their imperialistic advance through the Himalayas and Central Asia. They are trying to rebuild the silk road and to penetrate through these roads.  The Chinese had not been very successful like the Ancient Greeks who built colonies throughout the sea. They are not as good in the sea as they are good on land.  It is in this context that Xinjiang is at the heart of a big clash between two imperialisms Anglo Imperialism on one hand and Chinese Imperialism on the other.   India, Pakistan, Taliban, are just secondary players in this contest.

Finally, he requested the Indian government to take some Uyghur refuges and to host them in India as it does with Tibetans and Afghans.  By doing so Indians are going to win hearts and minds of people of Muslims of the world.”

(Nadir Ali Wani is Director of  Center for Peace and Justice, a research group based in Srinagar)