Big Relief to Overseas Indian Citizens

The Air India flight from London to Mumbai with 329 passengers. by .
The Air India flight from London to Mumbai with 329 passengers.

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High Commission of India in London on Wednesday extended the deadline of reissuance of the overseas citizenship of India card till 31 December 2020. The restrictions imposed on travel to and from India have been lifted to ease the returning of citizens of foreign countries with Indian origin.

As per the decision taken by the Indian Government, OCI cardholders who are below 20 and above 50 years need not get reissued the card while renewing passports. This would benefit the Indian origins and relatives who have been stranded abroad due to the lockdown restrictions amid the pandemic.

OCI card is issued to the people of Indian origin living in foreign countries. Earlier, regarding the regulations of Indian Government, Overseas Citizenship of India Cardholder registration had to be re-issued each time a new passport is issued for those below 20 years of age and once after completing 50 years of age. Relaxation in these provisions would help those who have not been able to return to India due to this problem.

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As the restrictions on international air travel are lifted and the status of OCI card as a lifelong visa for travel to and from India is reinstated, OCI cardholders may be allowed to travel on the strength of their existing OCI cards bearing old passport number with the new passport.

British Indians have lauded the decision that the Indian Government has eased the travel restrictions imposed on those having OCI cards, citing it as a big alleviation for them.

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