International Dogra Society turns one

International Dogra Society celebrated its first anniversary recently. The small group which started with few friends in London transfigured into a community of over 47,000 people. Formed in 2019 with an aim to create a platform to connect to the roots and give something back to the community, International Dogra Society’s vision included connecting Dogras around the globe and celebrating rich Dogra culture and lifestyle. Releasing a press statement, Lalit Sharma, Founder of IDS said “The young generation seems distant and ignorant of many things of our Dogra lifestyle which should have come naturally or organically to them. As a community, over the past few decades, we have overlooked the necessity of keeping in touch with the Dogra traditions and passing them on to the generation next. Many groups locally, nationally and internationally are working towards this cause. IDS decided to join forces with their ideas, strengths and resources to contribute to this cause. It has been a year of Hard work, Celebration and Togetherness.”

The Society has connected Dogras from across the globe using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Since its origin IDS has launched multiple events and campaigns both on the ground and online which include fundraising event in London for the challenged children of Jammu, Lohri celebration attended by 250+ people. With the onset of the pandemic IDS started running multiple campaigns on social media aimed at celebrating Dogra culture and people. Campaigns include

Itihas ke Panney: Dogra history sessions conducted by authors, historians and noted personalities such as Dr. Karan Singh, Maj. Gen. GD Bakshi, Maj. Gen. Goverdhan Singh, Prof. Habans Singh Sambyal to name a few.

Inspiring Dogras: Featuring much accomplished Dogras who talk about their journey to success, motivating the young Dogras.

    Ajj Ke Chadeya:  Weekly post on the page every Tuesday of a short video of a chef cooking an authentic Dogri dish in Dogri popularising its cuisine.

    Jammu Di Sair: Promoting tourism of known and not so known places of Jammu region. The post covers brief history of the place, main attractions and beautiful pictures/videos.

    Dogri Pathshala: Dogri language classes on Saturdays to make people familiar with the Dogri words, pakhien and other nuances of the language by renowned Dogri writer, singer, teacher Kusum Sharma Antra.

    Stay Fit Sessions: Initiated during COVID times, a renowned Dogra fitness instructor does live yoga sessions and post quick exercise videos in Dogri to help people remain fit.

    Stay in Talent: Also initiated during COVID times, it is a talent hunt and showcasing of singing, dancing, poems, acting etc.