Pilots’ Unions Advise Against AI Employees’ Bid For Carrier

 National carrier Air India’s pilots unions have advised their members not to take part in the employees bid to take over the airline via the divestment process.

Accordingly, both the — Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association (ICPA) and the Indian Pilots’ Guild — have written to their member pilots not to participate in the plan proposed by the airline’s Commercial Director Meenakshi Mallik.

As per a joint communication, the two unions said: “A letter by Ms. Meenakshi Mallik with regards to an Employee bid in the strategic sale of Air India has been brought to our notice.”

“In this regard all pilots are advised ‘NOT TO’ acknowledge or participate in the process initiated by the management official till the disproportionate 70 per cent pay cut for pilots vis-a-vis Air India’s top management officials is addressed.”

“Also, there is no clarity on the payment of the illegally withheld 25 per cent arrears due to the pilots to date whilst we approach the deadline of December 14th for submission of bids for Air India.”

The unions further said that while other major airlines in India have revised the pay cut for its pilots, Air India being a government-owned PSU is yet to address the ordeal faced by us.

“We would like to once again re-iterate NOT TO take any part in the process of employee bids in the strategic sale initiated by the top management official till further communication from us,” the communication said.