Adnan Sami takes first jab


Stars always engage in good activities that naturally inspire fans or audiences. Adnan Sami on Sunday took the Covid-19 vaccine. The singer took to social media to encourage netizens to get the jab, saying it is the only way to secure oneself amid the ongoing second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic…reports Asian Lite News.

Sharing a photograph of his vaccination process on Instagram, the singer wrote: “The only way we can secure ourselves from this deadly pandemic is by getting ourselves VACCINATED…I got myself vaccinated. It’s a very secured feeling… Go & DO IT!! Do NOT listen to wrong stories about the vaccine. All vaccines are good for protection.”

Suggesting netizens to not pay heed to reports about the side effects of the vaccine, the singer further wrote: “Side effects? Even an age old tested ‘aspirin’ can have side effects but you don’t read about it because it’s no longer ‘news worthy’!! Some people are allergic to ‘mushrooms’… There will always be some people out there reacting adversely to something- we’re all different! You hear about the vaccines because it’s a hot topic right now, so do not let that deter you from doing the right thing!
“Planes & cars crash, but will you stop flying or driving? Besides, simply put, the vaccine is our protection against death!! Choose LIFE!” he further suggested.

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