Shilpa’s Suggestions To Stem Stress & Anxiety


Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra on Monday shared yoga therapy to combat weakness, in her new Instagram post…reports Asian Lite News

Sharing a video that captures the actress practicing Mandukasana, she wrote: “To support all kinds of healing processes, the main source of energy comes from the core of our being. So, the Mandukasana is a very important asana as it focuses on your navel centre, which also happens to be your life-force centre called the second brain. It has the ability to give you the energy to combat all weaknesses. That’s why they say, ‘Go with your gut feeling’.”

Talking about how to go about the asana, she said: “In difficult times like these, we need to focus on ourself; so we can dispel all negativity and bring in positive energy to the centre of our core chakra called the ‘Manipura chakra’. Take in a deep breath and exhale while going down, stretching the spine and pressing on the navel. You will feel the energy flow to your solar plexus. Focusing on your navel will help you open your mind and reduce blood sugar levels as it works on the pancreas. It also helps improve the flexibility and mobility of the knee & ankle joints. Moreover, the frog pose helps reduce fat from thighs, belly, and hips.”

She added: “Please remember: people with knee, ankle, and back pain issues should avoid this asana — Tag a friend who should start this ritual right away.”

The Big Brother winner said Parsva Sukhasana would help relieve pent up stress and anxiety.

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Sometimes, one needs to start their week on a calm and quiet note. Today is one such day for me when I just want to relax my mind and calm myself down. So today, I practiced the Parsva Sukhasana. It helps relieve the pent up stress and anxiety that gradually affects the immune system and one’s overall health. Physically, it helps stretch the neck, shoulders, obliques, and back,” she write with the clip.

“Take some time off whenever you can, choose to practice this asana, and let your mind and body just go with the flow. A calm and composed mind and body can deal with a lot more than we can think of. Tag a friend who should start this ritual right away!” the actress suggested.

Shilpa demonstrated a yoga asana that helps cure digestive troubles, apart from providing other health benefits as strengthening abdominal and lower back muscles and benefitting the hip and knee joints.

Shilpa posted a video on Instagram where she is seen performing the Pada Sanchalanasana (Cycling Yoga flow). The actress said many people get the asana wrong, and demonstrated the correct and incorrect ways in her video.

“To get some movement into our routine, a lot of us end up doing exercises that look easy to do and have a good effect on the body. However, while dedicating time to fitness is important, it is also very important to understand the technique and flow of each exercise for it to be fully effective. I’ve noticed a lot of people choosing the Cycling Yoga flow, or the Pada Sanchalanasana, to build core strength and abs. But, they seldom get the technique right. So, today while I practiced this flow, I decided to demonstrate the incorrect and correct forms too!” she wrote.

Sharing the health benefit of the asana, she added: “This asana strengthens abdominal and lower back muscles. It is good for the hip and knee joints. It also stimulates the digestive system and helps cure digestive troubles. When done right, this simple-looking asana packs in quite a punch. “

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