Make this festive season special with ‘customized’ gifts


It isn’t always possible to create a photo album or a photo frame of all your special moments or even gift them all the time. This is where new age personalised gifting platforms are a boon…writes N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

Life was moving at a fast pace for most of us and then the pandemic hit. The pace definitely slowed down and gave us an opportunity to look back at our lifestyle, routine and our most cherished old memories. ‘Looking back’ through your old photos on a phone versus flipping through a glossy photo album and reliving each memory? Getting teary-eyed at some, and straight-up howling with laughter at some others.

Today, advancement in technologies has opened up an ocean of possibilities. So how does one hold on to these closest moments and memories in a thoroughly tangible way? Sachin Kataria, CEO of, Zoom in shares all the minute details to make the festive season personal.

Moving from gifts to personal stories: Gifts are no longer just confined to material items of a certain ‘price tag’. Gifting someone is now seen as a chance to create a unique experience and splash of emotions that the receiver can enjoy for years to come. It’s a fact that preserving memories is now a lot easier with delivery partners that can convert digital memories into actual personalised frames, albums and a host of memorabilia. And this makes it so much easier and quicker for you to hold meaningful memories close to your heart.

Reframing moments of joy: It isn’t always possible to create a photo album or a photo frame of all your special moments or even gift them all the time. This is where new-age personalised gifting platforms are a boon. It is now possible to add a touch of personalisation to any gift item making it that much more special and meaningful for both the giver and the receiver. One can choose from functional items such as coffee mugs or calendars to more stylized gifts like Canvas Prints and Photo decor and add a favourite memory to make the gift item personal and more valuable.

Festive season Fun: Why just adorn your house with lights and flowers? Add a touch of ‘YOU’ to plain walls and tabletops and make them more intimate during special occasions. Some simple Photoprints and colourful, wall-safe washi tapes or magnetic ropes can add a touch of style without leaving any pin marks.

New-age apps offer products that are both affordable and of excellent quality – could there be a better deal than this? With the 2022 calendar and planner season around the corner, one can experiment and customise some cool calendars for friends, family, colleagues, business contacts etc. These will last on someone’s wall (or table) for a few years. What’s more, your gift will be more than just another product… it will be a canvas upon which a beautiful story unfolds!

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