PICS: Celebration of Colours


Holi Celebrations at Mathura and Bersana. (Pallav Paliwal)

A cute little girl amid the Holi celebrations in Mathura.
Without keeping any social distancing around 5 lakh people gathered in Bersana town.
People amid the Holi celebrations which was funded by the govt.
As per the police reports, last year celebrations led to the spread of corona virus.
An amount of 60 Lakh was provided for the celebrations to boost tourism.
Hundreds of men and women play lathmar holi in Bersana. 
Barsana in Mathura is special
Celebrations started in Mathura and Vrindavan
Celebrations popularly known as Braj Ki Holi.
Braj is the land of Lord Krishna and Radha
Celebrations are not a single day event, but lasts for at least for a week.
As per the records the number of people gathered in Mathura is more than the previous year count.
Men and women who come here for celebrations dress up like Gops and Gopis.
Gopis hit Gops playfully ‘hit’ the men and also play with colours.
They happily sing and dance together in the Holi days.
Women beat men with sticks as part of ‘Lathmar Holi’ celebrations in Barsana, remembering Radha and Krishna.

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