Statue of immunity : A cultural addition to Covid fight

According to the doctor, this monument depicts the strength of the human body, the human resolve against any form of unwanted foreign invasion…writes Siddhi Jain.

People around the world is fighting against Covid 19 in different ways. In a cultural addition to the ongoing fight against Covid-19, noted radiologist and founder of MedscapeIndia, Dr Sunita Dube has announced the creation of ‘the statue of immunity’ and research centre, as a symbol of human resolve against the pandemic.

According to the doctor, this monument depicts the strength of the human body, the human resolve against any form of unwanted foreign invasion, whether it is the perilous virus Covid-19 which shook the entire world, or intangible negative thoughts.

The monument, the brainchild of Dr Dube, aims to become the new symbol of good health, which will inspire humanity to continuously resist the unknown threats and develop inner strength. It depicts the immunity within ourselves that fights and defeats any unwanted ingress in the health system, she said in a statement.

“Being a Covid-19 warrior, I really understand that the wellbeing of human is of grave concern and how we empower people with good health, strong immunity and healthy body and mind. We Indians and the entire world are fighting against Covid-19, and the war is still on but the winners are the ones who have good immunity. Immunity is what keeps us healthy and alive and that’s what this monument will depict. It will be like an epitome of human kind winning over the death and future generations to remember and prepare for any future pandemics.”

“I welcome all national, international, private and public government institutional bodies as well as corporations to come forward and contribute in the construction of this noble monument in India and for the entire world. We are working in five regions including three Indian states, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh along with two international regions, Dubai and Western Europe. Based on the feasibility of things, the availability of land, technical and financial support, we will accordingly select any one location for creating this monument,” she further added.


‘The Statue of Immunity’ will not only be a stand-alone monument but an entire experience in itself, says MedscapeIndia. It will have pillars of strength around it which will depict various countries standing for the cause of ‘Immunity’, open forum discussion to exchange knowledge on immunity. Future plan includes research centre for immunity and scientists from across the world will be invited to conduct research on building immunity for mankind, minds to matters. It will not only be a hub of information but will be an educational and tourist spot, said the statement.

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