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About releasing a movie on an OTT platform let’s go with the famous movie dialogue “Picture abhi baki hain” and for sure we will let you know if any such development were to happen…. Imtiaz Ali interacts with Puja Gupta.

OTT is a great shift happened in the cinema industry and most of the film makers are accepting it as a ‘new normal’ system of development. Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali says that the upcoming storytellers want to showcase their stories in new and innovative ways and with the latest technology available.

As a step forward, Imtiaz has directed and shot his latest short film ‘Eyes For You’ exclusively on the OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G smartphone. With this association, the director aims to push the new age creators to go beyond the normal and aim for new horizons with technology that enables them to create superior content on the go.

In a chat with us Imtiaz shares his views on the shift which Bollywood has seen, how OTT platforms has been a game changer. Excerpts:

Q: Given that video consumption has increased both from a creation and consumption standpoint, is it safe to assume you will be releasing a movie on an OTT platform?

A: 5G has enabled explosive growth in video content creation, especially short-form videos, amongst consumers. This sentiment has been bolstered which saw a massive uptick in video content consumption. With the majority of the people staying at home, the type of content consumed has changed which has led to a change in the creation of content as well with more focus being on people around us rather than it being about just us.

Today with enhanced networks and stronger internet connectivity the presence of Indian subscribers on OTT platforms is rapidly increasing. A recent report states that the boost in OTT consumption in India can be attributed to the addition of new subscribers emerging from across India. It surely is the best way to reach out to the audience.

OTT platform is not only a place to be but the people viewing the content are so diverse that I would love to see their feedback. About releasing a movie on an OTT platform let’s go with the famous movie dialogue “Picture abhi baki hain” and for sure we will let you know if any such development were to happen.

Q: Tell us about your collaboration with OPPO? How did it happen?

A: I remember when I was approached for this campaign by OPPO, what struck me the most was how the campaign focused on the power of envisioning something in the domain of videography which is beyond the reach of others, an insight I try to bring out through my work. I thought this was an excellent opportunity and jumped into it.

OPPO’s focus on integrity, innovation, and teamwork resonate with how I like to approach my work and through the campaign, we have tried to inspire the audience to shoot beyond limits and capture what they can imagine with the new OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G. This campaign gave me an opportunity to shoot on the OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G which was an exciting and different experience for me. There were some extra ordinary times as we shot in the dark using the ultra – night video mode on the phone helped the team in getting clear and bright shots while capturing the subjects on frame perfectly. With their latest videography expert, the campaign focuses on inspiring consumers across India to shoot their live story!

Q: How would you define your journey in the industry?

A: I made my way through theatre and television to come into films. I have been very lucky to have started from a place that was far removed from the film industry. Having taken a long journey has given me varied experiences and made me respect people and their journeys more. Like any individual, my journey too has seen its fair share of ups and downs. For me, it’s not the end that matters but how many times you fall, pick yourself up and move forward that matters.

It’s all about believing in yourself, that you can achieve whatever you aspire for, all you need is strong will and determination.

Q: Do you feel Bollywood has to produce more and better content so as to bring back traction?

A: I think we have seen a huge shift in the nature of content that is consumed and how it is made, the approach has totally changed over the last few years. Bollywood has also become open to exploring different themes and it has been a refreshing change to see. I have always welcomed new and fresh stories as it helps in showcasing the real talent Bollywood can offer. The consumers are looking for different ways to showcase their stories and it is exciting to see what they come up with as it is a learning opportunity for us as well.

Like I mentioned before, it is about believing, exploring, and pushing for new ideas, there’s always scope to go above and beyond. The upcoming storytellers want to showcase their stories in new and innovative ways and with the latest technology available, they come out with ideas which is even a learning opportunity.

Q: What are you working currently on?

A: Last year gave me the opportunity to write as much as I wanted, and I made the most of this opportunity. It helped me to think in ways I wouldn’t have earlier, more time meant I could widen my horizons and it all worked out very well. Currently, I am producing and creative producing two shows on the digital platform apart from the new films that I’m conceptualising and writing. I’m also preparing to direct my next feature film as a director.

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