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Re-modelling your home is a strenuous task and can take months to complete, especially if you have a 9 to 6 job. But with ingenuity and without buying expensive things, your home can get a perfect makeover just by adding lights and mirrors to give it more sophisticated appearance…writes Puja Gupta.

Heena Jain, Head Design Consultant, WoodenStreet explains the ways and positions, where you can place the mirrors to give your space a luxury makeover.


Lights & mirrors: A clutter-free home decor setup in budget

Mirrors can never be enough in a house if you want to create something fascinating in a low budget. There are various rooms in the house that can be changed with a tinge of mirrors and lights.

Living Room – Buy a mirror that is large in size and has bulky border line. Choose a bright colour or according to your home decor theme. A living room has many places to accommodate a large mirror but find a place where, the window is in the center. Position the mirror carefully and remove everything that is excess on the eyes. It will expand the symmetry of the room and will create an illusion of a hall.

Dining Room – Dining rooms generally do not entertain mirrors but if you have made your mind on it, then bring a square shaped designer mirror that goes well with the kitchen. If you have a dining table in or close to your kitchen, then it will be more appropriate to use a mirror on the side end of the table or a cabinet would be perfect. The mirror creates an effect of more people while you dine.

Bedroom – The bedroom is the most suited place for a hanging a mirror. Now, it depends on the room dimensions and space available to choose what type of mirror suits your bedroom. If the room is spacious then, you can opt for flowered shaped circular mirror on the back wall of your bed.

If your room size is small then bring an average sized mirror and place it near the window, which will scatter the light throughout the room.

Hallway – It is reasonable to hang a mirror in the hallway or lobby but in an artistic manner. Go for a small set of mirrors in symmetrical shapes and it will instantly compliment your hallway.


The functionality of a light is far more crucial then we think, because whatever decor you decide to implement in your home, until there is alleviated lighting, your interiors will not be up to the mark. Therefore, lights play a major role in highlighting what’s behind the door.

Living room – The usual ceiling lights in your home only highlight the furniture with a faded sparkle, while if you go for an ambient lighting, such as, a table lamp, wall mounted lamp or a hanging lamp then it acts like a spot light and highlights the perfections of your decor. The major reason behind choosing perfect lighting is that it doesn’t light up every corner of the house rather it creates an effect of organised space for any outsider.

For living room choose some hanging lights like chandelier or fancy lamps, right around the corners of ceiling fan. It will reimburse the light on the furniture with yellow and orange shades, so your space look akin to a luxury boutique hotel.

Dining room – This is the place where the light is required the most, and people do quite the opposite, because they think it is an unnecessary expenditure. But it is not true at all, as light brighten up the entire dining area, and makes it convenient to relish the drinks and food. If you have a separate dining room area then go for wall mounted lights, which deliver an opulent vibe to the area. If you have interconnected kitchen and dining table then choose some floor lamps that compliment the kitchen cabinets and dining table. You will see for yourself, the difference in organisation before and after the makeover. It is the added advantage of proper and smart lighting, that percolates the lights through reflective surfaces and builds an apparition that classifies the space.

Bedroom – The lights in bedroom should be selected very carefully as it marks personal territory. Try and keep your bedroom organised so that lights will impose a kinetic effect on the decor of the space, which in turn demarcate organised and unorganised area. It is very important to keep the light source adjacent to the walls, in order for the light to scatter.

There is already a source of ambient lighting in your bedroom — the side table lamp. But you have to bring in some hanging lights for low lighting and tidy space.

Hallway – The hallway is the most visited space of the home, as it connects every room in the house. Yet, we put the most terrible lighting in the hallway, because it is hardly occupied in terms of possessions, but it shouldn’t be like that. Purchase some fancy and designer wall mounted lights that will transform the place.

Every house has its particulars, but it doesn’t mean you have to remain unorganised and untidy all the time. The lights and mirrors do have the capacity to present your home in more chic way. Eventually, rooms need to be organised with various furniture like cabinets and chest of drawers or wardrobes as well.

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