Abu Dhabi to install 700 new radars to enhance road safety


IDEMIA, a leading traffic management solutions provider, has been selected by Abu Dhabi Police to implement new and enhanced technology solutions to future-proof the road system in the emirate…reports Asian Lite News

Over 700 traffic enforcement & management solutions IDEMIA’s MESTAfusion technology will be installed across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to improve safety, promote respectful behavior on the roads and preserve lives of all pedestrians and drivers. A non-intrusive and powerful combination of the latest technologies, MESTAfusion integrates a multi-target tracking radar and a high-resolution camera performing perfectly over multiple traffic lanes.

Speed Radar Image

In addition, this customized technology equipment, designed together with Abu Dhabi Police and Alliance Traffic Systems will offer added functionalities and weather monitoring to further safeguard all road users. The exterior housing of this new solution is designed and built to be in alignment with the capital city’s urban design needs. MESTAfusion technology enables the management of any complex urban configuration where a combination of all vehicle trajectory is analyzed and processed

This partnership comes in line with Abu Dhabi’s newly introduced road safety vision in October 2020, spearheading the Emirate towards UAE’s National Agenda 2021 goalsi to reduce significantly the road traffic fatalities.

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Major Muhammad Abdullah Al Zaabi, Head of the Traffic Technical Systems Section at the Security Systems Department, the Information and Communication Systems Center in the Leadership Affairs Sector of the Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the General Command’s interest in raising the public’s sense of security and safety on the roads, and strengthening links and trust between the police and society, by adopting comprehensive strategies, ambitious, innovative initiatives, and provision of distinguished proactive services that enhance the country’s leadership in global competitiveness indicators.

He added: “This initiative comes as part of the Abu Dhabi Police’s efforts to enhance traffic safety for drivers and road users and as part of its strategy to prepare for the next fifty years in order to achieve aspirations in keeping pace with developments and achieving more milestones in the country’s development process in an effort to make the UAE the best country in the world.”

He pointed out that the efforts of Abu Dhabi Police continue in coordination with the Department of Transport and the Abu Dhabi Municipality to improve traffic safety conditions for pedestrians, A

mong the most prominent results achieved in this aspect are the construction of bridges on internal and external roads, the improvement of pedestrian crossings, the provision of surface corridors controlled by light signals, and the closing of gaps in the fences on the roads, which includes the enhancement of public safety.

Al Zaabi pointed out that the cooperation with IDEMIA and the Traffic Systems Alliance will achieve the aspirations of the police leadership in enhancing safety and security for drivers, pedestrians and road users, stressing the prominent role of the two parties as experts in traffic management solutions, in order to facilitate safe movement on the roads.

“We are proud to partner with IDEMIA to deliver this customized solution for the Abu Dhabi Police. Alliance is committed to Abu Dhabi’s urban development and traffic management goals. Our solutions are efficient, reliable and future-oriented,” said Eisa Al Shamlan, Chairman, Alliance Traffic Systems.

RICHARD MIKHAEL, PRE4SIDENT, MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA: “IDEMIA has been a technology partner to the UAE for decades. We have supported our stakeholders to achieve safer roads and cities through a multitude of technological solutions, tailored to their respective needs. The MESTAfusion technology is a complementary fit with the ambitions of the capital as it progresses towards becoming a world-class habitat where residents live and commute with peace of mind.”

IDEMIA has over 40 years’ experience in providing highly sophisticated road safety solutions to international customers to make the journey of citizens safer and stress-free. IDEMIA offers a variety of traffic law enforcement solutions tailored for clients’ needs. Products are supported by an innovative backend software that can be integrated into existing law enforcement systems with ease.

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