Saudi customs rules to declare goods


The requirement is part of the common customs law system for the GCC countries….reports Asian Lite News

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority of Saudi Arabia has called on passengers coming to the Kingdom to declare purchases or gifts worth more than SR3,000 ($800) or its equivalent in foreign currencies, it was reported.

The requirement is part of the common customs law system for the GCC countries, Al Watan reported.

According to Arab News report, the Authority also called on travellers coming to or departing from the Kingdom to declare currencies, jewelry, or valuable materials worth SR60,000 or more or the equivalent in foreign currencies, or any goods prohibited or restricted in the Kingdom, including cigarette and tobacco products.

The process can be completed electronically through the “Travelers’ Declaration” application or the website of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (

It warned that fines would be imposed on declaration dodgers. Travelers are liable to pay 25 percent of the value of seized items in fines, rising to 50 percent of the value for repeat offenders where there is no suspicion that the seizures are related to a crime or a money-laundering offense, it was reported.

Last week, King Salman had issued a royal order appointing Suhail bin Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Abanmi as Governor of Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority at the rank of minister.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom will impose institutional quarantine on inbound travellers starting from May 20 onwards.

The Ministry of Interior said on Monday that the passengers are those coming from countries not included in the travel suspension.

Some categories of passengers will be excluded from the quarantine, including citizens and their spouses and children, along with passengers who received Covid-19 vaccine and official delegations; holders of a diplomatic visa, diplomats and their families residing with them.

The excluded categories, except for the vaccinated individuals, will be required to apply house quarantine, with an emphasis on the need to obtain a valid health insurance policy to cover the risks of the coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia announced last week the full opening of all its borders on May 17 after they were partially closed for months.

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