Arab states fear resurgence of jihadi forces


Post the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the takeover of the country by the Taliban, there is fear of a resurgence of jihadi forces across Arab states…reports Asian Lite News

The concerns were expressed at an extraordinary meeting of intelligence chiefs of 22 Arab states held in Cairo last month, reported al arabiya post.

There is apprehension that the renewed Islamic State-Taliban conflict in Afghanistan may trigger a spillover of the IS fighters to neighbouring countries or plot disturbances in the Middle East.

Arab states fear resurgence of jihadi forces

Arab intelligence is of the view that the Islamist State is already radicalising youth in the Arab world, including Lebanon, to export them to Syria, Iraq and other places where they are required to support local IS fighting groups, reported al Arabiya post.

The Arab Intelligence Forum, set up by Egypt this year as a “multilateral intelligence-sharing body”, in its meeting recognised that an Islamic State resurgence is a “reality, as attacks during the past weeks suggest”.

The intelligence chiefs shared information at the meeting of the growing IS-sponsored violence. It was reported that the IS launched several attacks in northern Iraq in early November and even captured a town for 24 hours.

Similarly, in eastern Syria, the IS conducted attacks, targeting soldiers and oil workers. Though the IS threat is limited in Lebanon, there are fears of an escalation in the coming months.

The Arab world is monitoring the situation, especially in Lebanon. This is a relatively recent phenomenon and the IS is learnt to have calculated that the political class in Beirut would find the interference convenient to pursue its brand of politics in the country, reported al Arabiya post.

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Moreover, the authorities are worried about the IS radicalising convicts and under trials in Lebanese prisons, especially the Roumieh prison in east Beirut.

This prison is locally called the “operations room” of the IS because of the group’s easy access to the inmates. Recruitment from here has been happening since 2018. (ANI)