Taliban denies reports of appointment of envoy to Pakistan


Reports of an agreement to reopen the Afghan embassy in Pakistan and the appointment of an envoy to Islamabad have been refuted by the Taliban…reports Asian Lite News

The acting deputy minister of information and culture, Zabiullah Mujahid has stated that no agreement for the reopening of the Afghan embassy in Pakistan has yet been achieved. Mujahid stated that such a thing has not been formally allowed.

With the previous Afghan government’s relationship with the Taliban deteriorating due to the abduction of the daughter of Afghanistan’s former ambassador to Pakistan, political observers place their hopes in the Taliban to gain official recognition from the Afghan government.

Taliban denies reports of appointment of envoy to Pakistan

In a report by political analyst Abdul Satar Saadat said that not only Pakistan, but other nations will soon form contacts with Afghanistan’s foreign ministry. He further said that the fact that regional countries have not closed their embassies in Afghanistan is a symbol of acceptance. 

Relations between the former Afghan government and Pakistan had deteriorated in recent months, prior to the collapse of the former administration. The Islamic Emirate is not recognised by any country, including Pakistan.

Russia’s UN envoy Wesley Nebenzia emphasised Russia’s intention not to recognise the Taliban until it fulfilled all of its pledges. UN envoy was cited by the TV station as saying that the subject of recognition arises at a moment when the international community is assured that the Taliban’s promises and commitments will be kept. 

The UN has refused to accept the nomination of Suhail Shaheen, the Taliban’s UN ambassador, at a general assembly in New York, furthering the Taliban’s embarrassment.

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Pakistani Foreign Minister pledged to provide $280 million to Afghanistan

Pakistan claims to provide food and medication to Afghanistan, which is critical humanitarian aid. Earlier in the month, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi visited Afghanistan and pledged to provide $280 million in humanitarian aid to the war-torn country to help the country’s new Taliban-led administration deal with the country’s poor humanitarian crisis. 

Strengthening bilateral trade is among Islamabad’s other efforts to bolster the Taliban regime, according to Sputnik.