Tribal leaders hold rally in Kandahar in support of democracy


The rally witnessed the participation of a large number of people from the Kandahar, Zabul, and Urozgan provinces….reports Asian Lite News

Amid the rise in violence in Afghanistan, prominent tribal leaders of Alokozai Tribe organised a rally in Afghanistan’s Kandahar on June 28 in support of the democratic system and peace process.

The rally witnessed the participation of a large number of people from the Kandahar, Zabul, and Urozgan provinces.

Rahmatullah Yarmal, former Governor of Laghman criticised the Taliban insurgents for committing atrocities on the people of Afghanistan on the behest of Pakistan. He also criticised President Ghani for its weak policies and for adopting a soft stand towards Pakistan. He called on the public to rise against Taliban insurgents and stand behind the Afghan security forces to send a stern signal to Pakistan and defeat the Taliban on the battlefield.

Dawood Gulzar, Advisor to the Afghan President said that Pakistan is an obstacle to the peace process. ISI has always played the “role of the devil” in Afghanistan and been interfering in the affairs of Afghanistan. He asked the people of Kandahar to send a strong signal to Pakistan that now people of Kandahar would not tolerate the evil design of Pakistan and ISI.

Kalimullah Naqibi, who is also a member of the Afghan Delegation to Peace Talks in Doha noted the stalemate in the peace process and criticised the Taliban for intensifying the fighting and destroying lives and properties in Afghanistan.

A number of other speakers at the gathering criticized the Afghanistan Government for not giving residents of Loya Kandahar proper representations in the Afghan Security Forces and Peace Process, which has weakened the government and strengthened the Taliban. They demanded that youths of Loya Kandahar region should be recruited in the Afghan national security forces in large numbers in order to prevent them from turning to the Taliban.

Some speakers asked the government to expedite the peace process with the Taliban by inviting them to talk. The people of Afghanistan are suffering as the Taliban are taking control of areas and forcing people to flee causing a humanitarian crisis. (ANI)

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