Iran launches large-scale war game along southern coasts


Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) staged a large-scale war game, code-named “the Great Prophet 17”, along the southern coasts of the country, state TV reported…reports Asian Lite News

The exercise, to be held for five days, involves IRGC units such as the aerospace force and the cyber-electronic division, Xinhua news agency quoted Abbas Nilforoushan, the IRGC’s deputy chief of operations and spokesman for the drill, as saying on Press TV.

According to the general, a series of military systems and weapons recently delivered to the IRGC will be brought into action during the war game.

Iran launches large-scale war game along southern coasts

“The military exercise is meant to increase the preparedness of the IRGC combat units,” Nilforoushan said on Monday.

“The military drills carry the message of defending and safeguarding the national security,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Gholam Ali Rashid, another IRGC senior commander, warned Israel and the US about any threats or mischief against nuclear facilities in Iran.

“If such threats are carried out, Iran’s armed forces will immediately and decisively attack all centers, bases, routes, and spaces used for the aggression,” Rashid said.