Israeli Parliament okays bill setting term limit for PM


The Israeli parliament has voted in favour of a bill that would limit the service of a Prime Minister to a maximum of eight years…reports Asian Lite News

Lawmakers voted 66-48 in favour of the bill, reports Xinhua news agency.

The vote was the first in three full rounds of votes that the bill needs to pass before becoming a law.

Israeli Parliament okays bill setting term limit for PM

On Sunday night, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s cabinet decided to back the proposed legislation in a vote by telephone after a ministerial committee gave a green light to the bill last week.

The bill is widely seen as a reaction to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was ousted by the new governing coalition after 12 consecutive years in office.

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In total, Netanyahu served 15 years as Israel’s Prime Minister, the longest-serving leader in the country.

The bill will not be retroactive, thus not affecting the opposition leader Netanyahu should he seek to run for the post again.

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