Marking one year of social commitment by Healing Our Earth


Yoga & Meditation demonstrations, Healthy diet and Self-Care, Prayers and Chanting for Well Being & Peace, marking festivals, and Music and Dance have been the core sessions conducted on each Sunday for a full continuous year, for the benefit of communities around the world- writes Ragasudha Vinjamuri.

Come Sunday and there is an intense 5-hour program focusing on a weekly theme, encompassing speakers and presenters from across different continents. A range of subjects have been covered all throughout the year 2020, which continued into 2021 till date. Requiring dedication and commitment for this sustained activity, this immensely community-oriented program conceived and produced by Nil Kumar is supported by a like-minded team, on and off camera.

The latest events have been Yoga and Meditation, and Hanuman Jayanti celebrations. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) by Hatha Yoga practitioner Himanshu Mehta (India), breathing techniques by  Patanjali Yoga practitioner Bejal Patel,  Yoga demonstration by Dr Mehul Shah, presentation by Raja Yoga Instructor Amarjeet Kaur Doowa (Thailand), impacts of Mudras and pressure points by Kamu Palan, Yoga demo by Rashmi Vyas, Meditation session by Saiksha Samboo (Mauritius) and associates have adorned Sunday, 18 April, while Bhajans and Kirtans by Meena Trivedy, Rupa Soni, Girish Jogia, Sneha Makanji, Neelima Penumarthy , talks by Hemangbhai, Sheena Parmar, and different community organisation contributions, have all enriched the Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations on Sunday, 25 April.

The hosts for these sessions have been Dr Honey Kalaria, Dr Lalit Sodha, Mena Trivedy, Sarita Menon, Saivani Samboo and Shivali Ruparelia.

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