Pak shares western military tech with China, cautions IAF chief


IAF chief says new airfields developed by Pakistan were developed primarily for helicopter operations, and those built near the Afghanistan border are fighting within Afghanistan, reports Asian Lite News

Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief Air Chief VR Chaudari reveals nothing to fear from the Sinopak partnership at the global or regional level to Western countries on Tuesday A weapons system for Islamabad as Islamabad warned not to provide it because it shares military technology with Beijing.

Even if the PLAAF has built three bases very close to Indian territory in East Radar, the IAF chief will give the IAF an edge over the Chinese Air Force at its first Air Force Day press conference. Suggested that. They will remain weak in terms of their ability to launch multiple high altitude operations.

“I wasn’t afraid of this (the partnership between Pakistan and China). The only concern was the assistance of Western technology from Pakistan to China (Aid from Western countries, including the United States, Sweden and other European countries) to Pakistan. (Given), “said when asked about the possibility of a frontal operation in China and the ongoing conspiracy between two opponents in multiple forums.

When asked about the deployment of fighters by the Chinese side on the side of the actual control line in eastern Ladakh, the IAF chief said the release process was underway in the area, but the Indian Air Force was fully prepared to deal with it. And said it was deployed. In case of emergency.

Regarding threats from new airfields emerging in Pakistan near the Indian border, the IAF chief said that these new airfields were developed primarily for helicopter operations, and those built near the Afghanistan border are fighting within Afghanistan. He said it was to evacuate people.

While answering questions about whether the introduction of new air defense systems such as the S-400 from Russia would reduce the number of aircraft required by the military, Chaudhari was of offensive and defensive weapons systems. He said there should be no comparison.

In addition, he also revealed that the first S-400 air defense system would reach India on its own this year and help strengthen the country’s airspace along with the Spider, MRSAM, and Akash surface-to-air weapons systems.

IAF chief slams reports

Air Chief Marshal V.R. Chaudhari on Tuesday said that no “two-finger test” was done on a female officer who had accused a colleague of rape.

Addressing the annual conference ahead of the IAF Day on October 8, he said: “No two-finger test was done. The information regarding the two-finger test is misreported. Air force law is very strict. Actual fact is this test was not done… disciplinary action will be taken based on report of inquiry.”

The rape victim had alleged that she was subjected to the banned test and questioned about her sexual history in the rape case against a fellow colleague.

The woman officer had registered an FIR on September 20 in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore alleging that she was raped by a Flight Lieutenant under the influence of alcohol on September 10. She alleged that she suffered an ankle injury on September 10, for which she had taken a painkiller. Later that night, she had two drinks with a group of friends when the accused had served her one of the glasses. The woman officer claimed that even as she was in a subconscious state, she saw the accused enter the room and sexually assault her.

Rekha Sharma (NCW)

She told the National Commission for Women that she was subjected to a two-finger test at the Air Force Hospital later.

In a press note, the NCW said it has taken cognisance of the woman Air Force officer being subjugated to the two-finger test, and “strongly condemned” the action of Indian Air Force doctors.

“The NCW expressed utter disappointment and strongly condemned the action of Indian Air Force doctors for violating the right to privacy and dignity of the victim,” it said.

NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma had also written to the IAF chief to look into the matter and “impart necessary knowledge to the Indian Air Force doctors”.

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