Prince Philip Laid to Rest


Coronavirus social distancing measures forced Queen Elizabeth II to sit alone during the funeral for her husband, Prince Philip, at the St George’s chapel in Windsor Castle, reports Asian Lite News

Prince Philip’s coffin has been interred in the royal vault of St George’s Chapel.

It was placed on a catafalque on a marble slab and lowered into the vault by an electric motor, dpa news agency reported.

The vault was created between 1804 and 1810 for George III, who died in 1820 and is one of three kings buried there. The other two are George IV and William IV.

Horns were played as his coffin was lowered down.

A blessing was given by the Archbishop of Canterbury before the choir sang the national anthem, “God Save the Queen.”

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

The members of the royal family looked up as the choir sang while the queen bowed her head.

The 94-year-old monarch was then led out of the church by the archbishop and followed by her family members.

Prince William, her grandson, was seen glancing back at the vault as he left his pew.

Queen sits on her own at funeral

Coronavirus social distancing measures forced Queen Elizabeth II to sit alone during the funeral for her husband, Prince Philip, at the St George’s chapel in Windsor Castle on Saturday.

Her expression was not captured by cameras during the service, however, other members of the Royal family appeared sombre, the dpa news agency reported.

Queen Elizabeth II sits on her own at Prince Philip’s funeral (Credit : DPA) (Not for sale)

Prince Edward, the queen and Prince Philip’s youngest child, was seen touching his forehead with his hand during a performance by the choir. He was later seen gazing at the coffin of his father.

Several of the Royals read the order of service throughout the funeral, while others were seen staring into the distance.

Each member of the Royal family – and their specially chosen guests – were all seen wearing formal black clothes and black face masks.

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They were all spread around the chapel in their seats to comply with the current Coronavirus restrictions in place in England.

Royal Family remember Duke’s lifetime of service

The ceremonial royal funeral will remember Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, for his “unwavering loyalty” to the Queen, service to the nation and “courage”.

The duke’s association with the Royal Navy and love of the sea will also be a focus but no sermon will be delivered, in line with his wishes, the BBC reported.

More than 730 members of the armed forces are taking part in the event, but there is a limit of 30 mourners at St George’s Chapel, under Covid rules.

Prince Philip interred in the royal vault of St George’s Chapel (Credit : DPA) (Not for sale)

Representatives from military units with a special relationship to the duke are positioned in the castle’s Quadrangle, with music provided by the Band of Royal Marines Commando Training Centre, the Band of the Scots Guards and the Combined Bands of the Royal Air Force.

Prince Philip died at Windsor Castle on Friday 9 April, aged 99.

His coffin was carried the short distance to St George’s Chapel on a modified Land Rover, which the duke himself helped to design.

The funeral procession from the castle to the chapel was headed by the Band of the Grenadier Guards, the Major General’s party, and military service chiefs.

Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence and the Earl of Snowdon also walked behind the coffin, trailed by members of the duke’s household staff.

The Queen, 94, travelled with a lady-in-waiting in the state Bentley at the end of the procession.

Following the procession, a Royal Marines bearer party carried the coffin into the service.

Topless protester runs through crowd of people at Windsor Castle (Credit : DPA) (Not for sale)

A reduced choir of four singers will feature but the congregation will follow Covid restrictions and not sing.

A ceremonial gun fire at nine locations across the UK, and in Gibraltar, marked the start and end of the national minute’s silence.

Heathrow Airport said no planes would land or take off for six minutes to coincide with the silence and all major sporting events have been rescheduled to avoid a clash with the funeral.

William, Harry chat as they depart chapel together

Princes William and Harry left St George’s Chapel together and were seen chatting after the funeral service of Prince Philip on Saturday.

Prince Harry, who is also known as the Duke of Sussex, appeared to thank the Archbishop of Canterbury before speaking with Kate, the duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s wife, dpa news agency reported.

Princes William, Harry chat as they depart chapel together ( CREDIT : dpa) (Not for sale)

He was joined on his other side by Prince William and the two brothers carried on walking together while chatting.

It appeared their conversation was relaxed, with Prince William maskless as they walked and talked outside while Prince Harry kept his mask on.

While the duo have faced difficulties in their relationship over the last few months, however, they appeared to be friendly to each other at the service.

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