Afghan women protest for reopening of schools for girls


Afghan women continued to protest even after they were stopped by the ‘security forces’….reports Asian Lite News

A group of women in Kabul on Friday protested against the closing of schools and colleges for female students, saying that this is a violation of their fundamental rights in Afghan society.

Teachers and lecturers from schools and universities of Kabul said that the closing of schools and universities is a serious concern that can deeply affect the future of education of girls in Afghanistan and the Taliban should give serious attention to it.

Female students said that education is their Islamic and legal right and that no one should take this right from them, reported TOLOnews.

Afghan women continued to protest even after they were stopped by the ‘security forces’.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Zabiullah Mujahid said that protestors should get permission from the Ministry of Justice, reported TOLOnews

It is been more than a month since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the secondary schools and universities have remained closed for female students.

‘Neighbours must keep borders open’

At least 15 Afghan-Austrian women have visited the Austrian Parliament and put forward various demands including opening borders of neighbouring countries of the war-ravaged country.

The Afghan women demanded not to recognise the Taliban and their regime, not to legitimise the Taliban and their regime and called on countries neighbouring Afghanistan to keep their borders open in light of the intensifying crisis in Afghanistan

They also demanded continuous help to evacuate the vulnerable Afghans.

Journalists, artists, human rights activists must have the opportunity to leave the country. Protect the minority and women of Afghanistan. Send humanitarian aid and medical supplies and making sure that this help resonates with the population and does not fall into the hands of the Taliban, they demanded.

Green National Council member and human rights spokeswoman Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic and Faika El-Nagashi, who is a spokesperson for the Greens were also present at the event.

Several countries have already opened their doors for Afghan refugees. However, most of these countries have put a quota on maximum permissible limits for refugees who are allowed to enter these countries.

As Taliban came into power in Afghanistan, women in the country will experience violence not just in its physical form; it will also be structural, cultural and institutional, The News International said.

So far, the Taliban are not allowing women to work with men in workplaces. The women who worked in past with men were called “prostitutes” by a Talib leader on Afghan national TV. The Taliban recently introduced an antiquated version of modesty for all women (including young girls), banned them from sports and others.

Such gender apartheid emanating from the Taliban controlled Afghanistan can’t lead to peace. The Taliban’s ideology involves gender apartheid at their core and it shows the future of Afghan women not much except regression and complete lack of empowerment, education, and access to healthcare facilities, according to The News International. (ANI)

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