Anthony Fauci is Joe Biden’s kryptonite


Fauci needs to be interviewed, not by media channels that fed their readers and viewers with disinformation about the pandemic, while excoriating those who spoke the truth, but by the FBI, writes Prof. Madhav Nalapat

Is there a middle class child in India who has not come across Superman, the hero who saves the world from disaster several times over because of his extraordinary powers? The only substance that can fell Superman is kryptonite, which therefore needs to be kept away from him if he is to continue his work. Joe Biden is no superman, he is simply a good human being, and this is what got him elected to the White House over Donald Trump in 2020.

He was chosen as the Vice-Presidential candidate by Barack Obama in 2008 because of his perceived ability to engineer a bipartisan consensus (between the Republican and Democratic sides) within the US Congress, a task in which he was a spectacular failure.

Despite this, he was repeated as Vice-Presidential pick by the US President in the 2012 Presidential election because by then, Michelle and Barack Obama had come to like and respect the obvious human qualities in Jill and Joe Biden. Needless to add, Vice-President Biden failed once again in managing to achieve a consensus in the legislative process.

The Republican side adopted a stance that appears to have been influenced by factors outside policy in opposing whatever Obama proposed, Biden’s efforts notwithstanding. Biden ensured his victory by nominating Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, but in the process, turned off any appeal he may have had to a sizeable section of the US population whose primary regret is that the wrong side won the 1861-65 Civil War.

These are folks who in the Republican Party would have taken a noose rather than a Presidential nomination to Abraham Lincoln in 1860, and who saw Donald Trump as their blood brother, united in mind and heart with their Idea of America. Should the missteps being made by President Biden and the advisors around him continue, the 2022 elections may see a Republican chokehold on both the US Senate as well as the House of Representatives.

This would render the remainder of the term of President Biden a legislative wasteland, although the best thing that can happen to the Democratic Party would be for Donald Trump to get renominated as the Presidential candidate of the Republican Party in 2024.

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Trump’s idea of a political party in a democracy is similar to that evident from the choices made by Indira Gandhi, which is that the top spot must always (naturally in the interests of the nation) belong to either her or her children, and afterwards to her grandchildren. It must be added that in many ways, Indira Gandhi caused both a cultural revolution in India as well as a geopolitical revolution in South Asia, which is why she will remain in the history book for centuries if not more, whilst most others will be forgotten, making ain footnotes.

Should the Democratic Party cede control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans in 2022, Joe Biden will not be able to even seek the nomination of his party for a second term. That his political skills are not exceptional is clear from the manner in which he has embraced Anthony Fauci, a stance that could cost his party substantially in 2022.

Under the Trump administration, it seems obvious that it was Fauci who persuaded the CIA and the National Security Council that the “Wuhan lab leak conspiracy” (as his acolytes termed it) was unlikely, when even in March 2020, it was clear from the public record that any investigation involving “science” (that much-abused word) would have before long reached the conclusion that there was no way except through a laboratory that a harmless-to-humans bat virus found in Yunnan could have evolved in a short period of time into SARS2.

Apparently, such an elementary conclusion was beyond the intellectual capacities of Fauci, who seems still to be unaware that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is (and has from the start been) a military enterprise. Any assumption that it was “science” that drove Fauci and others connected to the WIV to denying that the institute was the developer and incubator of SARS2 has melted away, except apparently in the mind of President Biden, who continues to stand by Fauci as the Vishwa Guru of health sciences.

This is the policymaker whose action and inaction helped cause the SARS2 pandemic. He needs to be interviewed, not by CNN, NYT, Washington Post and multiple other media channels that fed their readers and viewers with disinformation about the pandemic from early 2020 onwards, while excoriating those who spoke the truth, but by the FBI.

The impression is widespread that President Biden is not supporting the growing number of voices who call for an end to the cover-up of the cause of the present pandemic, something that could lead to a call for his impeachment by the US Congress before many months have passed.

Both 2022 and 2024 will be defined not just by economic policy but the approach of the White House towards China. And there is no better challenger for Henry Kissinger as the top apologist for the PRC than Anthony Fauci. The White House is on record that there will be no—repeat, no—circumstances that would make Biden send Fauci into retirement.

This stance is the best gift that Biden can give the Republican side, aside from not being able to get his Infrastructure Plan passed in the US Congress. This seems likely, as Biden seems to be managing the DINOs (Democrats in Name Only) the way he did Republican members of the US Congress during his tenure as Vice-President.

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