Imran govt sacks nearly 1.5L employees from Sindh in 3 years


The expelled employees are protesting as the country’s Supreme Court has directed them to return salaries drawn by them during 11 years….reports Asian Lite News

Pakistan’s federal government led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has removed nearly 1.5 lakhs employees from their jobs in the last three years, local media reported.

The current PTI government has removed about 1.5 lakh employees from their jobs during its three years in office. The majority of those rendered jobless are from Sindh, Pakistan’s Awami Awaz reported on Monday.

It shows that the federal government is taking such steps out of anti-Sindh prejudice to make Sindh and its people economically weaker, Pakistan’s Awami Awaz reported on Monday.

Nearly 16,000 employees were made jobless from different government federal offices during the week. Of these 16,000, nearly 2000 are from Sui Southern Gas, they hail from Sindh.

The expelled employees are protesting as the country’s Supreme Court has directed them to return salaries drawn by them during 11 years.

Pakistan’s federal government has been prevalent in taking such steps out of its anti-Sindh prejudice.

Pakistan’s law says a three-month notice is required to be given before sacking any government employee but under what laws so many employees stand sacked/removed from their jobs suddenly is still unclear, Awami Awaz said.

People walk at a market in eastern Pakistan’s Rawalpindi

Civil society voice concerns

The Board of Trustees of Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) expressed concerns over increasing attacks on women in the country.

The developments came after an attack on a woman at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore on August 14, JustEarth News reported.

Vice-Chairperson of TI Pakistan highlighted that Muhammad Ali Jinnah had “envisioned a Pakistan where women can stand shoulder to shoulder with men,” but the administration has failed so miserably in it.

In order to emerge as a prosperous nation, Pakistan has to safeguard the rights of women, provide them protection and put in place strong laws to hold those responsible for attacks on women accountable, Iqbal added.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of TIP Yasmeen Lari also said that protecting women in the country is a test case for the current government and our criminal justice system, JustEarth News reported the Business Recorder.

The safety of women has become a growing concern in Pakistan, which has in the recent past witnessed several instances of crimes against women, including rape and other crimes.

The News International in its editorial also raised concerns over the rights of women, their dignity and sense of respect in the country. Every day, it said, at least 11 women are raped in the country, and the rape of small girls – and boys – some no older than a few years in age.

Just recently, ugly images involving the sexual assault of a couple were flashed across social media. “This is not a rare occurrence – though the fact that this case’s video evidence went viral is what moved the police force to arrest the men responsible,” reported the publication.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has also highlighted other forms of violence against women, which include sexual assault and domestic violence prevalent across the country.

The HRCP report cites that last year Pakistan completed the review of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in line with its fifth periodic report. (ANI)

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